Are You A Cheeser? Signs You Are An Exploit Abuser And How To Save Yourself

Hi, my name is Outspoknpoet and I am a cheeser.  (At least, that’s how I think it would go if we were forced to attend a support group for using game exploits.)


I am a bit old school in my views of video games.  If there is something in the game that makes it easier to beat a CPU opponent, it is meant to be used… and maybe (always) abused.  For those of you that consider yourself an untouchable ‘purist’ that has never and will never use an exploit in a game I have two things to tell you.

1 – That’s BS and you know it.

2 – You are the gaming version of a hipster, congratulations.

Now that we have covered those bases, here is a quick definition from my point of view that covers what it means to be ‘cheesing’ and therefore makes you a ‘cheeser’.  Cheesing is simply defined as using a feature or mechanic in a video game in a way that exploits the AI in a way that it wasn’t necessarily intended to be used.

For instance, a few years ago I posted a video that showed the broken trade logic in Madden 12 and how you could use it to essentially trade for every single first round pick in franchise mode at the time.

The same goes for gameplay mechanics as well.  If there is a certain part of the game that you are playing where the CPU AI will move and opponent or make the opponent in question do something outside of what you would consider to be smart or normal  and you trigger that to happen if you can – that is cheesing.

Also, in sports games (especially Madden) there is a tremendous problem with cheesing that not only occurs against the CPU, but also against real-world opponents online and on local console match-ups.  A prime example of this in Madden (which seemingly hasn’t been fixed going into Madden 19) is almost every version of the screen pass.  It not only locks certain animations into motion, but it almost always guarantees a long gain on the play.  Those of you that have played Madden Ultimate Team know what I am talking about.  I would venture to say that most of us have used this more than a few times.  Here is an example…

Now, for those of you that get the picture.  Here are a few ways you can fix the problem on your end.

  1. Don’t use the play or the exploit – it really is that simple.
  2. In Madden, set up house rules for playcalling, running a certain exploit play once a game (or once a half) is a good start.
  3. Stream your games for others to watch.  Assuming you aren’t doing a speed-run (which is basically built on exploits, sigh) this kind of thing will keep you honest because there are witnesses.
  4. If it’s a difficulty thing and it can be changed (All Madden is known for making the CPU into a cheesing (if not completely cheating) AI.  I have found that setting it to All-Pro and making the sliders a bit less forgiving can be helpful.
  5. Decide what you want from your gaming experience.  If you are the type that just wants to blast the CPU all day long, go for it… cheese away.  Don’t expect to get a round of applause from your friends or anyone else – it’s your game.  You do you.


Don’t cheese in online games.  We have all run into people that will use certain plays in sports games or certain tactics, characters, and/or weapons in any amount of other games.  It ruins the experience for everyone (even you) when you are cheating.  It quite simply is super uncool and if it can be proven, you should be banned from playing that game online – thankfully, some developers are taking this seriously.

Have fun out there.  Just don’t be a cheeser.


Choosing Your Team In Madden 15 (Post-Draft Edition)

Welcome to the crazy time of year where every Madden gamer is looking forward to Madden 15.  With that type of excitement we are going to start covering every team based on their newly drafted and signed rookies.  Here is our first release of every team you will want to look into in Madden 15.  If you are trying to create a player for CFM we will have a list

Arizona Cardinals – Tight End, Outside Linebacker and Cornerback

The Cardinals lost Karlos Dansby to the Cleveland Browns over the off-season.  That said, they could use some help in the LB corps.  They did answer some questions at the Quarterback position by taking the project in Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech.  He is a big QB with a big arm at 6’6″ 250 lbs.  This could be a fun team to rock with if you want to start a CFM around a rookie QB and a team that still needs a couple pieces.  You could also look into being the other side of a great defensive backfield with Patrick Peterson and Deon Buchannon.

Atlanta Falcons – Guard, Middle Linebacker, Strong Safety, Tight End and Halfback

Of all the teams in the NFL that needed to fix some things from last year it was the Falcons.  They were inexplicably bad and one of their worst areas was in protecting QB, Matt Ryan.  Matty Ice now has a much needed Left Tackle in Jake Matthews out of Texas A&M.  If you are looking to be their answer at any position you might want to look into being the next great Tight End now that Tony Gonzalez is gone.  Atlanta is going to be an interesting team to use as they also have a need at running back.  Sure, Jackson and Rodgers are still there – but neither is a long-term answer at the position.

Baltimore Ravens – Outside Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Safety, Tight End and Cornerback

The Ravens are always one of those teams that seems to reload on solid talent every year.  With the drafting of Alabama ILB CJ Mosley they have once again tried to find a replacement for Ray Lewis.  Using a team like the Ravens is almost always going to give you a solid chance at realistically contending for the Super Bowl.  I would even suggest trying to come in and replace Joe Flacco, but with his huge contract and the fact that he is decently rated, that would be a tall task to earn – unless you choose to be an instant starter.

Buffalo Bills – Tight End, Wide Receiver, Cornerback and Safety

Buffalo traded their first round pick for WR, Sammy Watkins.  Then they traded away Stevie Johnson to the 49ers.  It seems that they are going all in on making these changes with hopes that it is all they will need to do in order to make their way up in the AFC East.  They still need help even after drafting CB, Ross Cockrell from Duke.  They will also need to ensure that they have depth at WR behind Watkins as they are still relatively thin at the position.

Carolina Panthers – Halfback, Wide Receiver and Free Safety

The same as the last couple years when it comes to Quarterback – don’t think you can come in and start over Cam Newton.  However, they just took Kelvin Benjamin at receiver and they might still be looking for someone to replace Steve Smith as their deep threat.  The same could go for halfback as the Panthers are in flux at the position.  Carolina has a lot of potential in terms of running the team as a coach or owner as they pose many threats on defense and Newton can break any game wide open.

Chicago Bears – Offensive Line, Quarterback, Linebacker and Safety

It isn’t easy to really pick apart the Bears as they always seem to be loaded with talent.  However, their offensive line always seems to allow far too many sacks.  While that isn’t a position you can choose to be in CFM, it is one that you should look at fixing as coach or owner.  In terms of the best position to try to play – coming in and running Cutler out of town might be a bit easier than many believe.  If he goes down to another injury it would be the perfect storm needed to take the starting job.

Cincinnati Bengals – Field General Quarterback  and Strong Safety

Cincinnati is a team that seems to finally be drafting well.  However, they do still have a hole to fill at safety in order to help their outstanding CBs.  The other position that seems to be unanswered is QB.  Andy Dalton isn’t really the franchise QB that some might think the ginger ninja is and that could become a great opportunity for you to come in and replace him.

If you are looking to run a team – replacing him with newly drafted AJ McCarron would also provide an interesting change of pace with a rather big name in the Queen City.

Cleveland Browns – Wide Receiver, Left Guard, Linebacker and Safety

Johnny Manziel.  There I said it – and it still feels kind of dirty to me as a Browns fan that didn’t like Manziel very much.  He is going to provide this team (especially in Madden) with a dynamic way of attacking on offense.  If you want to come in and play right away it might not be easy to run Manziel out of town.  If you are looking for an almost guaranteed spot on the roster you might want to try WR.  With Josh Gordon likely being gone for at least the season you could step in and be Manziel’s top target.

Cleveland also now owns the Bills first-round pick in 2015 and that could make for one heck of a nice addition as the owner or coach in the coming seasons.

Dallas Cowboys – Speed Wide Receiver, Balanced Free Safety, Prototype Strong Safety and Quarterback

Dallas needs help and they need it fast.  With the loss of DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos you might be looking to be the new OLB.  Also there is the chance that Romo could go down at any point and considering the fact that he is 34 and on his way out of his prime – being a QB for the Cowboys seems a bit easier to picture each day.

Denver Broncos – Future QB, Halfback

One of those teams that really doesn’t need much.  They were in the Super Bowl for a reason last year – even if they got smashed.  You could always try to come in and be the heir-apparent to Peyton Manning or fill the void left by the departure of Knowshon Moreno.

Detroit Lions – Balanced Cornerback, Safety and Possession Wide Receiver

A team that can’t seem to choose a direction and that has been hurting them.  Everyone knows that 90% of the passes want to go to Megatron (Johnson).  However, you could always be that other threat to really make teams cringe at the idea of facing the Lions’ offense.  After that you will see there are still many holes to fill when it comes to defending the pass for this team that has been like swiss cheese in recent years.

Green Bay Packers –  Wide Receiver and Cornerback

Green Bay needs to make sure that they can defend the pass as the Lions and Bears are going to be putting that ball in the air during 25% of the Packers schedule every year.  Otherwise, you could always try to become Aaron Rodgers’ new favorite target at WR.

Houston Texans – Quarterback, Playmaking Strong Safety

They still don’t have an answer at QB and even with Clowney on their defense the fact is that you need to score points to win.  Come into Houston and be the final missing piece they need.  You could also decide to train up Tom Savage and use him if you decide to be coach or owner instead.

Indianapolis Colts – Take Your Pick – Runningback, Receiver, Anything but QB

Sure, they made the playoffs.  However, Trent Richardson has been terrible and the Colts were fleeced for a first-round pick by the Browns last year in that deal.  They need an answer at HB and could use more depth at WR.  If you want to come in on defense I recommend rolling as a Linebacker.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Cornerback

They had one of the better drafts in recent memory as they grabbed a lot of talent throughout.  This includes good prospects at WR and Storm Johnson to possibly add to the running game.  With Bortles you will have what they are hoping will be a franchise QB.  They will need some help at Cornerback and that might be your best spot with this team.

Kansas City Chiefs – Field General Quarterback, Receiving Tight End, Run Stopping Strong Safety

If you want to come into a situation where you want to be a starter at QB, KC might be a surprising destination.  Alex Smith isn’t a long-term answer and Aaron Murray is a late round pick.  They still haven’t filled the void left by Tony Gonzalez at TE and they also need a bit of help for Eric Berry at the other Safety Spot.  Wide Receiver is also a wild card for this team.

Miami Dolphins – West Coast QB, Wide Receiver, Receiving Tight End and Safety

They had a lackluster draft and you could really come into this team and be any position you’d like to be.  They signed Moreno at HB, but you could always produce and take over.  The same goes for Quarterback as Tannehill hasn’t proven to be a franchise QB at this point.

Minnesota Vikings – Cover 2 Middle Linebacker, Safety, Cornerback and Halfback

The Vikings had a decent draft, but Teddy Bridgewater is going to have one hell of a time in the tundra of Minnesota for the next two seasons.  Can you be the bigger, stronger QB that they might be looking for?  One of the surprising needs could be halfback as Adrian Peterson continues to get injured and age his way into the downslope of his prime.  You could be the missing piece they need.  Also, their defensive secondary has been terrible in recent years.  Being a cornerback might be a great starting job here.

New England Patriots – Tight End, Balanced Runningback, Future QB and Safety

Sure, you won’t take over for Brady this year.  But why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best and be his heir apparent.  They took Garropolo in the second round, but you could easily step over him in that way.  The same could be said for replacing the oft-injured Gronkowski.  What else do they need?  Maybe a bit of help at safety.

New Orleans Saints –  Red Zone Threat Wide Receiver, Run Support Cornerback

Coming in and playing with the  receivers in New Orleans is always nice because Drew Brees seems to spread the ball around like Paula Deen spreads butter.  This is going to be a dominant team right off the bat to use with the likes of Brandon Cooks adding even more to the vertical game for the Saints.

New York Giants – Receiving Tight End, Balanced Middle Linebacker and Halfback

The Giants are in need of some sort of help at halfback and you could easily come in and take that job during the preseason.  If you want a good player to study under and take over for – look no further than Eli Manning who you might be able to take over for in the coming years.

New York Jets – Halfback, Tight End and Quarterback

The Jets always seem to have some uncertainty at the Quarterback position – so feel free to blow it up and take them back to the AFC Title like Mark Sanchez (hopefully without the butt fumble).

Oakland Raiders – Speed Wide Receiver, Prototype Cornerback

A team that may have had one of the best drafts of any team now has a possible future starter at linebacker with Khalil Mack and at quarterback with Derek Carr.  They still need some answers at receiver and could use some help at halfback.

Philadelphia Eagles – Receiving Tight End, Prototype OLB, Run Support Strong Safety

The Eagles are primed for a Super Bowl run this year.  If you want to come in and join this team you should try to do it as a receiving Tight End or some sort of decent linebacker.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Good Luck… Receiving Tight End, Zone Coverage Cornerback and Halfback

The Steelers are trying to rebuild what seems to be a team that is always solid.  Take the chance to be their next halfback in place of LeVeon Bell.

San Diego Chargers – Red Zone Threat Wide Receiver, Run Support Strong Safety, Halfback

It could be fun to take up the Halfback or possibly be the wide receiver that Rivers needs to lead this team through the playoffs for once.

San Francisco 49ers – Outside Linebacker

Try and come in and take over for the injured LB Bowman.  Otherwise you are going to have a tough time coming in and taking over any role for a team that is stacked to make a few Super Bowl runs in the next couple years.

Seattle Seahawks – Halfback, Possession Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker

You aren’t going to join the legion of boom any time soon.  However, you could try to come in and take some carries from Lynch.  Another possibility would be coming in as a receiver for Russell Wilson.

St. Louis Rams – Balanced Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker, Man Coverage Cornerback

This team is in need of some sort of true #1 receiver.  Outside of that, you could try to come in and replace Bradford in the last year or two of his contract and take over.  The Rams had a solid draft with the picking of Tre Mason at HB, but otherwise you might be able to come into the team and take that job as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Quarterback, Balanced Defensive End, Cover 2 Middle Linebacker

If there was a team that you could come in and become a dominant quarterback, it might be the Bucs.  With Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans drafted from A&M you will have a blast.  Also, consider playing linebacker for Lovie Smith.

Tennessee Titans – Strong Arm Quarterback, Possession Wide Receiver, Run Support DB

The Titans let go of Chris Johnson and picked up Bishop Sankey.  If you really want to make changes with this team you will want to come in as a quarterback and take advantage of the new players they are trying to plug into the offense.  Otherwise, this is a relatively fun and open team to use as a project.

Washington Redskins – Tight End, Possession Receiver, Prototype Safety and Cornerback

This team is once again in flux.  However, if you can come in as another WR to help the likes of Garcon and Jackson that could really help spell doom for opposing defenses.  The idea of coming in as a tight end might also provide you with ample playing time.  The Redskins are in the middle of trying to rebuild a possible playoff caliber squad.

Madden 25 – All-Madden Sliders

Sanders Madden 25

Now that we have made it into November it is safe to say that most of what will be patched in Madden 25 has been ‘tuned’ and patched by EA.

Here are the official NoobTubeTV Settings for All-Madden Difficulty.

You can also download the sliders from the GamerTag – Outspoknpoet (on Xbox 360)

Skill Level – All Madden

Playcall Style – GameFlow

Quarter Length – 15 Minutes

Accelerated Clock – 13 seconds

Game Speed – Slow

Heat Seeker/Ball Hawk – Both On

Switch Assist – Off

HUMAN (Player Skill)

QBA – 10

PBLK – 0

WRC – 25

RBLK – 3

Fumbles – 25

PassD – 30

INT – 20

PassCov – 25

TAK – 50


QBA – 20

PBLK – 25

WRC – 50

RBLK – 50

FUM – 50

PassD – 60

INT – 30

PCOV – 65

TAK – 60


FGP – 45

FGA – 30

PPOW – 50

PACC – 100

KOPOW – 45


Injuries – 50

Fatigue – 51

SPD Thresh – 15


Offside – 99

False Start – 50

Holding – 55

Face Mask -54

DPI – 99

OPI – 99

Clipping – 50

INTG – 99

Rough Pass – 53

Rough Kicker – 99

Madden 13 Review – CPU AI and Decision Making

Sports games are always going to be destined for flack from the hardcore fanbase of each sport they represent.  It is the nature of the beast in many ways – today we will be taking a look at ‘the beast’ behind Madden 13 and the CPU AI and Decision Making (esp. Play Calling).

In Madden, the AI can either be non-existent or omniscient. There isn’t much of a middle ground and we hope to fix it the best we can with sliders. Otherwise you might face an AI that will simple say “No.”

Sliders Need To Be Adjusted

Playing Madden 13 on All Pro difficulty (second hardest to All-Madden) one of the first things you will notice is how easy it is to stop the CPU running game while you play defense.  It is really a combination of issues that starts with the problems with OLine and DLine interactions (aka- Blocking).  I was able to stop LeSean McCoy for a majority of the game with only a couple decent screen passes and one impressive 20 yard scamper.  Outside of that, it was easy to stop the CPU’s running attack.  I suggest moving the Human Sliders for Run Defense down to 35 or 40 if you wish to have a more realistic experience.  I will be working on an initial slider set in the near future, but it is something that must be done incrementally because one game doesn’t exhibit what will ‘always’ hold true.

Regarding CPU talent on offense, after playing the Bengals it was apparent that the CPU Passing Accuracy needed to be increased greatly as Andy Dalton struggled greatly through most of the game.  Once we got to the end of the game he somehow used his Ginger Ninja powers to complete a couple passes and lead an amazing drive.  Moving CPU Pass Accuracy to 75 and then reducing the Human and CPU Interception sliders to 35 should be a good start.

Comeback AI – The Reason You Have Broken Controllers

During my game against the Bengals I was enjoying a great defensive battle for almost the entire game.  I was holding a 17-9 lead with under 3 minutes left.  Andy Dalton had completed only 9 of 28 passes and was intercepted four times in the game.  He was terrible.  Then, almost as if the Peyton Manning DirectTV fairy came down and sprinkled ginger ninja pixie dust in his digital jock strap he came out of no where to complete crazy passes to Brandon Tate and his other targets with ease.  Not only was it strange that he was so accurate, but my defensive backs (who had played a great game up until this point) suddenly almost stopped playing and let a Bengals receiver get wide open 40+ yards down field.  The game came down to the Bengals attempting a 2-Point conversion – which is where our last section will take over.

CPU Decision Making – If your coach sucks in real life, just assume he is a cyborg programmed with EA’s Madden Play Calling Logic.

The Bengals, like the Eagles – had a hard time running against my Browns team all game long.  Then, finally when they scored their first touchdown and were within reach of tying the game because of a sudden magical ability to pass the ball – they decided to run it up the middle.

I stuffed the attempt and then recovered the ensuing onside kick.  It wasn’t the worst playcalling, but it goes to show that some of the logic that you would like to see in sports games is still missing.  This isn’t only in Madden either – you can see it in almost every baseball game as well as basketball games that put in confusing line-ups at the end of a game.

Madden 13 is a solid game, but it still suffers from some of the same issues that have become a legacy with this game.  We are hopeful to see some of these things alleviated through tuner updates and slider settings.  Stay tuned for our slider set in the coming week.  Keep in mind that the sliders will change throughout the year.