Medal of Honor Warfighter – Review and Impressions

At first glance you might look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter with a cynical mindset.  Afterall, the original ‘rehash’ of the series was lacking to say the least.  What you will notice right off the bat is recoil in your weapons from the gameplay perspective.  This game is a more arcade-like game from the run and gun perspective on multiplayer rather than the Battlefield 3 perspective of objective based gameplay and XP development.

Warfighter’s maps seem forced and cluttered for the most part.  While the Frostbite 2 engine is a nice addition and it gives the ability to destroy cover, etc. there doesn’t seem to be a lot of longevity to a game that isn’t based on larger maps with a lot of cover to destroy.  Once again, EA is finding a way to put out a game as a stop-gap measure rather than trying to really overtake Call of Duty.

Here is a quick run-down of what you should expect if you are on the fence about buying Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Pros –

Fast Gameplay – This game plays more like Call of Duty or even the 2010 iteration of MOH, but it is a welcome direction for people that prefer EA shooters over Call of Duty but still want faster gameplay and an overall more ‘reflex driven’ game.  The recoil of the weapons makes for a less point and shoot feel, but the small maps and close quarters along with a more assault driven attitude of game-modes makes Warfighter a faster experience overall.

Full Weapon Customization – You can pretty much build up any of your weapons to your own specifications.  New barrels, new sights, optics, etc.  The best part of being able to do these things is that they give you a feeling of ownership and creativity that actually matters.  Call of Duty has accessories for guns, sure… but for the most part they are unnecessary ‘bling’.  The only thing is that with the maps and game-types in Warfighter, is it really that vital to have all these options?  Only time will tell.

A Somewhat Intriguing Story – It isn’t often that we can say a FPS title has a story worth paying attention to.  Medal of Honor feels more like the movie ‘Act of Valor’ than some sort of half-cocked terrorist fiction.  On the other hand, maybe that is exactly what it is… *shrug*.  Warfighter grabs the gamer by the heartstrings with a story that feels very real in today’s modern terrorist obsessed culture.  However, it is also a game about terrorists being chased around the world.

I think I have played this game before.

Cons –

Feels Like A Stop-Gap COD Wanna-be – The bad part of MOH: WF is that it feels like Call of Duty without the urgency.  Call of Duty is fast paced, run and gun, twitchy and an overall ADHD experience.  Warfighter is all of those things without the twitchy control feel.  This makes for a fast paced game with sluggish handling.  I appreciate the effort to speed up the feel but this game needs to make up its mind.

Too Little, Too Late – With the likes of Halo and Call of Duty coming out in the next three weeks MOH is looking like something to buy if you have $60 to throw away.  This feels a lot like the 2010 release of Medal of Honor where it had a toe-hold for a couple weeks before Call of Duty came out and made people forget about playing a game with a lumberjack on the cover.

A Possible DLC Money Pit – One of the most annoying aspects of this current generation (and future generations) of online console gaming is downloadable content.  Sure, DLC is something that is a must for games like Medal of Honor, but in reality you are starting to see a trend of games that come out with DLC already planned to take money out of your wallet. Purchasing Warfighter brand new comes with access to a couple new maps but in reality it isn’t much of a perk if you don’t plan on being completely devoted to this game for the next year.  I don’t foresee Medal of Honor being played by many people when Battlefield 3 is already successful enough with its community and Call of Duty gamers will get their annual re-hash and pour money into DLC and ‘Elite’.


Make It Rain Like A Hundredaire – Budgeting Your Fall Gaming Purchases

It is quite possibly the best and worst time of year for gamers.  You want Halo 4 on November 6 but Black Ops 2 comes out on November 13.  You might want to get Madden 13 in a couple weeks but maybe you also want to get Borderlands 2 in September.  Maybe you are even considering a purchase of Medal of Honor: Warfighter – which will throw you for a loop in October as Assassin’s Creed 3 is coming on on the 30th!

It isn’t easy to be a hundredaire – but we know what it’s like to celebrate the purchase of a new game when we can afford it.

Every game you want is coming out within weeks of each other game you want and you just don’t have the money to pour into your passion.  It is one of the sad truths for people that live like real people that pay bills and make decisions every day that will effect their comfort in life.  Gaming is an expensive passion and we are going to help you make the best decisions possible.  Even if that means putting one or all of your games on a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/etc. List – you need to make decisions that give you the best possible outcome as a gamer and (more importantly) a fiscally responsible person.

The first step is to get a writing utensil and a piece of paper… NTTV will help you with the rest.

The Quick Decision – Pick What You Love

What is your favorite game?  If you can answer that without a second thought and that game has a sequel or continuation – that could be your answer.  If you can’t pick a single favorite game – use the process below.

Step One – What Is Your Budget?

If your budget is less than $65 – DO NOT BUY A NEW VIDEO GAME!

$65 = 1 Game

$130 = 2 Games…

Bottom Line – You know what you can afford and what you can’t afford.  Get that number and stick to it.

Step Two – Which Genre (Type) of Games Do You Prefer?

First Person Shooters, Sports, Action/Adventure, Role Playing Games, etc? – Make a prioritized list of which genres are your favorite (rank them from #1 – #8 if you have that many).  If you like a little bit of everything equally (like me) then you really can’t rank them, but you should try)  We have categorized some of the most popular upcoming releases for your convenience.  If you feel a game is missing – let us know!

Step Three – Do Prefer Online or Offline Gaming?

This is becoming a more gray area as games are becoming more and more integrated with online interactions and downloads.  There are many games out there that some people simply prefer to play on their own.  Are you a Team Deathmatch gamer on Call of Duty or are you an agile assassin that prefers to kill at your own leisure in Assassin’s Creed?

For me, it really depends on the game.  I don’t enjoy sports games in the online competitive sense, but I love shooter games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo.  (No one said this is an easy process)

Games With Online Focus

This includes games that primarily revolve around getting online and playing against other people as the main function

Games With Offline Focus –

This includes games that primarily center on you and playing the game for the campaign, season and especially the story.

Games With A Strong Mix of Offline and Online

This includes games that tend to be evenly played and supported for single player and multiplayer experiences.  This is open to opinion in some cases (sports games especially).

Step 4 – Prioritizing

Pick the game you want the most.  This is the hardest part you wanted to avoid earlier – now there is nowhere to run or hide.  The best way to answer this question is to put yourself in the position of having only enough money for one game.You have to walk out of the store with one game you have decided to purchase.  Everything else will have to wait for the next paycheck or holiday.

Step 5 – Enjoy What You Have

Regular people that have to budget and make decisions for and against certain purchases need to remember that the most important thing is to be happy with the things you have.  Which game are you picking?  Stick with your decision, be confident and forget what the reviewers grade it on a scale of 1-10 or 1-100… Do you enjoy your gaming?… Hopefully you can answer yes and this strategy will work for you again.

*Although I have put NoobTubeTV together on my own and can currently invest time and money into all my gaming and the few games I make tutorials for – I have to make these same decisions as well.

With that said…

Which games would you like to see NoobTubeTV feature in the coming months?  If you want us to feature a game that we haven’t mentioned please feel free to donate to the cause as it isn’t easy to buy every game we want – even if it is our passion.
Happy Gaming!

Borderlands 2 – Might Be A Must Buy

Pre-Order Borderlands 2 At Amazon and Get $10 Towards A Future Amazon Purchase

For a game that had a niche market on its initial release, it seems like Borderlands 2 might be angling for a bigger hold on the FPS/ACTION/Quasi-RPG market.

It uses cell-shading presentation that makes the game look rather cartoonish, but in the end it is still a fantastic game for you to look into for teaming up with a couple friends either on the same screen or online.  This game focuses on dominating the world around you with weapons that are as numerous as they are deadly.  You can have a sniper rifle that fires electric charged rounds of toxic acid or a bazooka that fires rockets with other crazy abilities.

The bottom line is that you will be able to jump into the Planet of Pandora (again) and rain down hellfire with a smile on your face because you know that you have hours upon hours of amazing gunplay at your fingertips… and a month before Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Limited Edition comes out!

Medal of Honor Warfighter Trailer – Ummm… Really?

You can see that recently we posted a video showing some of the great aspects of Battlefield 3 and what it has to offer gamers that enjoy FPS titles that require a bit more of a cerebral touch.  On October 23 EA is releasing Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

After checking out their new multiplayer trailer it seems as if EA is trying (yet again) to grab the Call of Duty audience rather than make an effort to simply make their own original title.  From Miniature Assault Vehicles to rocket launchers and computer guided missile strikes – it looks like they want you to look at the same played out game that they tried to fool you into buying a few years ago.

What’s new?… you get to play as the special forces from your choice of nations such as Russia, Poland, England and of course the United States among others.  What is wrong with developers these days?  Bad Company 2 had the Vietnam Add-On and it was amazing.  Say what you want about being able to shoot down Hueys with a pistol – it was fun!

Take a look at the trailer… does it really excite you to the point of making you think it is worth $60 or even a spot on your Christmas list?

Medal of Honor – Warfighter Pre-Order Bonus… A Bad Sign Already?

We try not to be cynical.  Well, we try to be realistic anyway.

That is why when EA announced today that there were be a snazzy pre-order bonus

Will this game prove to disappoint or surprise us?… The first day of E3 isn’t promising.

for their coming FPS game Medal of Honor Warfighter we became somewhat skeptical about the game coming out in the next few months.  You get the typical small bonus weapons and little advances that temporarily give you a small advantage it is often our experience.  We aren’t saying that you should expect the moon (or anything at all) as a bonus for pre-ordering a game.  It is really just a guaranteed sale for whichever company you are purchasing the game from and they want to thank you in a small way.

For a game like Medal of Honor to come out with this type of non-news during E3 it is driving us to think that they might not have much up their sleeve.  They might not even have sleeves at all.  Wait and see as we hope for the best but expect the worst from EA on the front of their military FPS games, especially Medal of Honor.

E3 Updates – Is It Going To Be A Noob Friendly Year In Gaming?

Throughout the next few days we will be bringing you the latest information from E3.  There are many details expected by the gaming community and some rumors that might be validated or debunked.

Some of the rumors we hope to validate are –

Will they announce another name change?… This is turning into a gaming version of the Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance/Rising – A game that had many people talking about the joy of running around with a cyborg version of Raiden has the opportunity to get people excited again… until they finally cancel the project and make the gaming world cry.  Metal Gear games are notorious for being tough to learn but usually worth the time it takes to master them.  The problem is that it is now veering away from the storyline of Solid Snake and towards the character ‘Raiden’… he is highly preferred in Japan, but most American fans hated him in MGS2: Sons of Liberty.

When Medal of Honor came out a few years ago it was met with excitement and then disappointment after people found it was a half-cocked game with little value outside of camping small maps. Warfighter hopes to surprise a skeptical public.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Is most likely going to focus on the multiplayer aspect but they are doing this with the last development crew they used (Danger Close) rather than Battlefield’s DICE team.  Chances are good that this game will either gain a little bit of fanfare or completely flop at E3.  Don’t expect this game to be the big news, but the outcome of EA having another failed attempt at taking down Call of Duty might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for EA having anything worth bragging about for this generation of consoles.  Sales talk in the gaming industry and EA hasn’t been able to talk for a long time.

Half-Life 3 is one of the games that might just sneak up and become the most talked about game of E3. Stay tuned.

Half-Life 3 – In terms of games that have had an amazing quality and storyline, Half-Life is a series that continues to amaze everyone that jumps into the foray.  Chances are good that this will once again be the best FPS out there but it will probably lose out in some circles because of the Call of Duty crowd.

Which games are you looking forward to seeing come out of E3?  Chances are good that some games (Warfighter) will flop hard while some other games (Half-Life 3) will make people want to go out and pre-order immediately.  Then you will have the previews for games like Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance that will make you want to hide in a cardboard box and wait for a game that will never be released while having people walk past you thinking “?”.