Madden 13 – Connected Careers and Franchise Mode Questions Answered

It has been just over a month sense E3 and there are still people waiting to hear more details about Franchise Mode/Connected Careers in Madden 13.  There are a few things we can deduce from details that have either been given to the community straight up or through videos that leave you to draw some conclusions.  Not to mention the fact that some of the good people that were invited to Community Day at EA Tiburon have given a lot of great feedback.

This is one of the biggest changes for Madden in years.  The issue we are facing is that the details have become rather muddled.

Here is a list of answers and a few thoughts (after the facts) so you can have your questions answered.

Is Franchise Mode dead?

In name, yes.  In practice, no.  Franchise Mode still exists and it will be under the selection of being a ‘Coach’ – you will still have the same control over your team, etc.  Also, you will have the ability to get fired as a coach.  Everything you have been able to do in Franchise Mode in the past – you can still do in Madden 13.

What about Superstar Mode?

Superstar Mode is still around.  You will ‘Be A Player’ and in the process you will only control yourself.  You will get to choose plays as a QB, etc.

Legends, what’s the deal?

Legends (Coaches and Players like John Madden and Barry Sanders) are not coming into Connected Careers as 99 OVR versions of themselves.  Their presence in Connected Careers is also up to you as the main user to turn them on or off (off is default as of E3).

How does XP work for Connected Careers?

XP is a two tier process –

1– You have to earn it through performance and milestones.  However, you won’t be able to earn more XP if you cheat or run up the score on the CPU.  (IE – If your goal is a 300 yard passing game in week three for 1000 XP and you pass for 900 yards, you still only get 1000 XP)

2– Leveling up costs increase as your ratings get higher.  You will earn XP as you accomplish certain goals, but as you try to make your player either faster, stronger or simply better all-around you will see ratings cost more as you go. (IE – The cost to go from 85 to 86 SPD as a QB could cost you 6000 XP, but the cost to go from 86 to 87 SPD could cost you 7000 XP, etc.)

Do Coaches Matter?

Not really.  Coaches simply get put into one of four levels.  You can grow your created coach into a ‘Level 4’ but it really doesn’t mean anything. (Unfortunate)

Do player ratings change depending on a team’s scheme?

Yes, there are finally ratings that dynamically change to reflect the player’s overall value to your team or coach and what type of offense or defense you run.  A 6’3″ 349 lb DE won’t be valued highly by a 4-3 Defensive Team, etc.  This doesn’t mean his ability ratings ‘change’ but his displayed OVR and value to your team will be.

Can I make existing players retire if I control them?

No, you technically ‘stop’ using them.  However, if you have a created player and retire they will be removed from the game.

Can I still control all 32 teams?

No, you can only control one team or player at a time.

Is Connected Careers Online or Offline?

It is both.  If you hate playing against people online you don’t have to worry about it.

Can more than one person play a Connected Career on the same console?


Can Commissioners kick people out of the league?


Is there online Auto-Pilot?


Can Online Connected Careers have different roles?

Depending on your settings, you can make it so everyone has to be a QB, Coach RB, etc.  It is totally up to the commissioner.

Can I play on the same team as a friend in Online CC?


More to come!  Stay tuned to NoobTubeTV as Madden gets closer.

A few quick thoughts…

Madden 13 is really depending on Connected Careers being a high quality experience.  There are a few things that it seems EA still needs to figure out for coaches especially.

In NFL Head Coach you would be able to say one of a few different things to your players at key moments.  This added immersion and actually made coaches important.  As well, the idea of a player fitting into a team’s scheme… it should be a coach’s scheme, not a team’s scheme.  The Browns have switched coaches so many times in the last decade that the players change as often because they don’t fit what the coach wants to do and how his staff prefers to approach the game.

Making people earn XP to increase abilities is a great attempt to make the game a bit more involved and honest.  By removing the ‘Potential’ rating you are now pretty much in charge of proving that a player is as good as you think and they will have to earn every bit of that OVR Rating you think they deserve.  The nice part is that it is all on you to do this.

The overall closed nature of Connected Careers is a good thing for this year, but next year it needs to be opened up.  There is a danger in allowing people to mess with time paradoxes, true simulation and that little thing called the game’s actual coding.  This is something that can be improved upon with a more open approach in the future.  Let the beta testers gamers mess with all sorts of things so EA can figure out the issues and fix them rather than avoid them because they are scared of problems with freezing and system crashes, etc.

All things said, Connected Careers is starting to look like a great mode for Madden fans that want to have a nice experience in growing a team or a player as they see fit.  Even with some limitations that make you scratch your head.


Author: NoobTubeTV

I work with leadership to provide guidance, feedback and a plan of action in order to improve facilitation, learning, morale, efficiency and quality of production from their workforce.

74 thoughts on “Madden 13 – Connected Careers and Franchise Mode Questions Answered”

  1. I’ve been in a franchise every year with my brother and some of my friends every year on the same console since madden 2002. Is this really not possible anymore? Are you fucking kidding me?

      1. is there any way Madden can make an update to add multiple coaches to offline franchise?


    2. this game is pathetic. The bears r rated 85 when i turn the game on..i start a connceted career as a coach and when i select the bears..they are only a 73 an play like a 69. Why? im assuming they want you to waste your time earning xp points an have to level up everyone on your team….THIS IS SO LAME. very aggravating a catchable ball to an open WR is dropped bc hes not good enough, even on easy its super hard bc allthe other teams are awesome, but Brandon Marshall an Matt Forte arent as good as they are in a regular head2head game exhibition. WHY??? why shud u b forced to not play an look thru menus to try an level up a player? especialy when it starts w p,k,fb an lg? lol its a joke. makes playing frustrating. This is a way the game creators can force you to get xbox live an keep spending money by sabotaging franchise mode. U cant own more than one team? why not?erything is geared towards goin online and doin ultimate team which is also soooooooo lame. playingkids w two deion sanders. Stupid as hell. way to go madden13, u fuggin suck

  2. well madden just lost my business. why would they take out offline co-op franchise? wow SMH they dropped the ball on this game and it seems to be going the direction of live.

  3. The best part of madden was offline franchise mode with your friends. Would it really be that hard to be multiple coaches?

  4. are you fucking kidding? the best part was kicking back and playing offline franchise mode with some friends, this is what happens when you let idiots take over madden, madden you ruin everything. 2k come back 😦

  5. Can I use a existing head coach in offline connected career,and create a player?Also,can I create two players in connected career and put them on the same team?Can you relocate your team?

    1. Yes (according to, you can be existing Coaches except those not licensed (Belichick).

      The player creation and relocation information is yet to be specified… sadly, relocations have always been weak in Madden. So, chances are good that even if you can relocate – it will still be weak.

  6. Will you be able to manipulate the online franchise mode…….for example…..can you munipulate the number of games, the amount of teams within a league….Also, will it be in connection with roster updating, meaning….lets say I start a league and then there is a roster update, will it kill all the rosters that are set (including trades and starting positions)????

    1. Number of games – No
      Teams in the League – Users in the league, yes. Actual Teams (like kicking the Steelers out of the league), no.
      Roster Updates – Chances are good that roster updates will NOT effect your career mode. It will be more along the lines of whether or not you want to wait for the first ‘Week 1’ update before you start OR start out of the box.

      Gamers should be wary about Connected Career Mode glitches that might ‘break’ the mode or severe issues like they have had in the past (Madden 08’s disappearing Free Agents is one example)

  7. I am stunned there is no offline franchise mode that my friend and I can play together like we have for years. Will we be able to compete against each other in the same franchise if we use a second TV, Xbox, Game and separate xbox live accounts and just hook them both up at my office? It is a royal pain but is better than the alternative of no more competing against each other doing fantasy drafts and building teams.

  8. Editing ratings in franchise mode was nothing more than cheating anyway. It makes the entire draft obsolete when you can pick from the bottom of the barrel and just change the player’s ratings to make him a superstar. I can understand for exhibition modes, but there’s no place for editing ratings in franchise mode. The need to customize players however, should remain. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to change someone’s number or equipment, or even personal appearance of rookies. That doesn’t affect the actual gameplay like the changing of ratings does.

    1. It was a strange issue with potential ratings dictating what happened with players that performed well for you. Hopefully the new XP system will make people realize that arbitrary ratings boosts (cheating) isn’t what is needed.

      I have high hopes that the XP system will make it so that you will have to ‘prove’ that a player is the best or the calibur you think he should be. I am of the opinion that giving an option for editing is better than none at all. I think this is the best of both worlds if there is no option this year.

    2. just having way less freedom is weak. a step backward. Im sorry but havin to waste xp points on “how much a player at this position will want to resign w your team, earn more xp points in a week, money that positional player will want less of bc its your team,” etc. is soooo weak. why not just have overall points to improve skill???? seriously to make a FB more keen to resign w the team? thats what u waste xp points on? how gay can u make this game? that is absolutely lame.

  9. What camera angle is set for the “superstar” mode?
    Depending on your player type, are certain ratings easier to upgrade(like on NBA 2k)? If you had a route running wr, would agility and route running be easier to upgrade than speed and spectacular catch?

    1. I believe they have taken out the camera that was used for Superstar Mode. This was in an effort to keep the game from disconnecting during online matchups.

      1. I dont understand, i was an avid fan of the older superstar modes in Madden, the major draw for me was the camera. what is the point if the camera is just broadcast camera? how am i suppose to feel like i am playing as that individual if my visual experience of the game is the same as playing Franchise or an exhibition game? EA have lost it completely. Its a definate non purchase from me.

    1. Free agency has changed from the bidding system to a round-based system where every team puts in offers that are considered by the player before the next round begins. Players are supposed to have their own motivations about determining where they want to sign. IE – coach, money, contract years offered, and other stuff. Hopefully they continue to build this for next year. I am pushing for player morale and off-field issues that could effect the locker room (IE – NBA2K).

      Scouting has been changed so you have to pay for certain ratings to be shown by spending XP. The more you want to know ‘for certain’ the more you will have to pay. I like this system, but would prefer they move a lot of it to having actual scouts do things for you. (like in the real world)

      1. so if i create a player, lets say a qb…i will only be able to pass the ball? i wont be able to control the reciever or running back? what about when the team is on defense? i will have to watch my team play defense? i wont be able to control the defense? that is stupid if its true, if im paying 60 bucks for madden i want to be able to create a player and control every aspect of my team not just one player

      2. Based on what the devs have said – you should be able to switch who you are controlling. You can still start a CCM with a coach and control every player. I also believe you can still ‘create’ a player outside of the mode. I have yet to play the retail release but will let you know as soon as I do.

  10. So is coach mode dead? I dont’ want to control a player. I just want to call plays and be in a league with a buddy. Is that gone?

      1. I’ve talked to several people who said that you can’t do coach mode. They said it is only available in exhibition and that coach mode still makes you control the players on the field.

    1. Not in Madden 13…
      This is by far one of the least customizable games they have released since Madden 06, but it is incredibly deep in the Connected Career Mode.

      1. I’m very unhappy about this. I’m a huge madden fan for the fantasy draft. They gotta release some type of patch or something i hope.So there isn’t even an offline fantasy draft?

      2. No, this is because they are pushing the new Connected Careers mode. I highly suggest you rent the game before doing anything. It plays better than the demo and CCM is incredibly fun and deep.

        I understand the frustration of missing out on editing players and fantasy drafts… it has been in Madden for years and now it is suddenly gone?… I agree – weird.

  11. What do you know…madden and ea have collaborated to piss us off year after year and this one may just take the cake, whoever makes the final decisions around there needs a swift kick in the ass!!

  12. I feel bad for megatron having to be on the cover of such a hated object. The worst madden ive ever played. Grew up playing co op franchises. Should of just lit my 65 dollars on fire.

  13. Are the drafts in coach mode auto generated or preset like Madden 12? Am I going to see the same players over and over or will their be new players in every draft?

    1. They are populated with certain players with storylines but all others are randomly placed. You will see some actually get removed from the draft class through the year.

      1. That doesn’t answer the question. In the PS2 Maddens the draft classes were auto generated and you would NEVER see the same player in multiple draft classes (i.e. playing multiple franchises). In the latest PS3 Maddens, the draft classes are preset and you will ALWAYS see the same players over and over. Therefore if you play franchise mode a lot, you already know who the good players are before the draft occurs. This really sucks because it takes all the fun out of building a team. I don’t care if a player is randomly placed, because if the players are preset, I will know who is good/bad with enough franchise mode time. What I care about is if the players are auto-generated or preset. If they are auto-generated, I will not be able to memorize draft classes, and therefore the game will be much more enjoyable. If they are preset, I will memorize the players and the fun will be taken out of the franchise mode.

        From your answer it seems like the players with storylines are preset players. This definitely sucks, if that’s the case. I have two questions for you. Please respond to each question with one of the following responses: 1) preset, 2) auto-generated

        Question #!: Are the “randomly placed” players preset or auto-generated?
        Question #2: Are the pre-populated players with storylines preset or auto-generated?

      2. As far as I have been able to find out (EA has been very vague about this) –

        1 – Draft Classes are NEVER the same – there isn’t some sort of Draft Class #29 that has the 6’2″ 235lb RB with A potential and 98 SPD, etc.
        2 – Players are still custom-made with different names like Madden 12. Meaning, that same 6’2″ 235lb RB is in the draft classes but he will be moved around from class to class.

        I will continue to research this as it is also an issue I have been trying to figure out.

        I agree, seeing “Player X” is one of the most annoying an franchise mode killing things you can run into… takes the mystery out of the game.

        If I find anything

  14. So there is no more “couch” co-op for a franchise mode??? This was the best part of the game?? Will they patch this or is this dead feature now?

    1. This year’s Madden is just another example why competition makes for the best products. EA has a monopoly on football games and the games suck as a result. This year’s “new improvement” on Madden is allowing one franchise per console (insult intended). Sounds like they are trying to force consumers to purchase more games. I wish 2K would start making football games again. I don’t care about the NFL license. I’ll purchase an awesome football game that doesn’t have the current teams or players. Madden is nothing but a recycled football game with updated rosters and maybe one or two “tweeks” EVERY year. This is the first year in the Madden lineage that I will not purchase the video game.

  15. Total Joke……..Never again…..bye bye madden…..Worst ever…….Save your money……..or at least your recipt……take it back…..Junk!……

  16. I just wasted $63.99 and i dont think “GameStop” will give my more than “9” bucks. No fantasy draft. no at home co-op franchises? I’ve spent good money for the past 8 years……..i thought, “if its in the game, its in the game”? i just wanna make a dream team and crush my roomates..sure i have the internet. but i dont know the ppl online! bull**it

  17. i buy the game every year and look foward to doing the fantasy draft making an all rookie team and playing all night i hope they can fix this and bring it back some how, that was the best part for me, fantasy drafting is hugh how can you get ride of that

  18. How do I get the same defensive superstar camera angle in 13 that we had in 12, like how your facing the offense not looking out over it?

    1. Are those the only reasons you buy Madden? If so, I understand. Otherwise I highly suggest getting the game preowned or renting it… CCM is amazing from the mode perspective even for lacking customization.

      1. So far they haven’t specified any plans to do that. After only a couple days of being on the open market there are a lot of issues already and I have a feeling that those will take precedent over a new (old) camera angle.

        Sorry for the bad news.

  19. When i play connected career mode as a coach and want to use zoom camera setting during the game it wont save it and go’s back to standard camera. No where in the settings in connected career mode do they have the option to pick your camera setting. Does anyone know how to use zoom camera instead of standard camera as a coach in connected career mode? Only way i found to change the camera setting was during the game but as i said it only stays zoom camera for one play then go back to standard camera the next play there is no where to save the settings. Also the default setting for play calling is gameplan but when i change it to conventional it saves that but the camera setting doesnt save.

  20. I did the online download, do I need a code for online play if so were do I get it and if not how do I get online then?

  21. Are they gonna fix NOT being able to bring updated rosters into Connected career modes? IE even the ones you can use in online play?
    2.I know you cant now but will they be making a patch to allowa created player to be added to the team and use that roster in coach mode. I dont like not being able to control the runningback or whatever in the other mode

  22. Franchise Mode was the only reason I purchased this game every year. Thank god I kept Madden 12….I just threw this P.O.S. game on ebay to try to recoup some of my funds from this mistake they call a game….AWFUL!!!! If you dig Franchise Mode, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is broken. EA has a bad habit of putting stuff in Madden that doesn’t work right.

      You also can’t change your play selection to conventional ‘permanently’ – you have to press start and go into game settings to do this every game.

      Their game testers should be on the unemployment line… then again, most of us retail beta-testers probably have been at some point in this economy. Keep posting your issues and such as they are all being submitted to EA for further fixes.

  23. i been playing madden since the beginning online play is always fun!! but I liked the idea of doing whatever I wanted with my franchise,I understand some of the changes but the gamer wants total control if they wanna create suped up players and put them in their franchise so be it..its supposed to be fun thats why we buy it..the coach mode is o.k. but creating players and using them in franchise was the best changing a players look or rating that you feel is inaccurate is your business that option shouldnt have been taken away

    1. Totally agree with this in every aspect. I really question why they would scrap Franchise Mode altogether in order to implement CCM. While I am sure it was more of a space issue (for the 360 esp.) I still don’t get why EA Tiburon finds it necessary to do a complete re-boot every 3 years.

  24. Connected careers should have the option to control all teams if u want.not have the options limited to only one team.

  25. {nubetubetv}
    So when can we expect a patch for the traditional franchise aspects to be reinstated, if at all? I cant find a definite answer anywhere. WILL THEY PATCH UP THIS ATROCITY?? Ive signed the petition but have not heard or seen any action. If you cant answer this question, do you know who can?

  26. OK thanks i will keep tabs on the release date of the patch on twitter but do you know the details of the patch??

  27. If i change a roster by putting players i like on one team can i use that roster on ccm mode.. If i could can you tell me

    1. You can’t make any edits to a roster before entering CCM and have them stick. CCM rosters are set in stone… There are a lot of hopes that the next patch will allow Madden gamers the ability you are asking about.

      Sorry for the bad news.

    1. What settings are you using in your mode? Are you a ‘player’ or a ‘coach’?

      Also, is this Madden 12 or Madden 13. You may want to check and see if your drafting is set to ‘auto’/’CPU’.

      Hope this helps.

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