6 comments on “Madden 13 Sliders – Connected Career (Offline) v1.0

  1. I Really like these sliders a little easy but very realistic could you put out some All Madden ones it would be well appreciated.

  2. I’m not able to move the generic slider in my offline connected carreer …but I’m able in the main menu of the game… I don’t understand….and is there anybody who is able to play with the updated roster in an offline carreer?

  3. Just finished my third game with the raiders on connected careers (coach mode), I do gotta say through these three games I’m getting some pretty realistic stats from my individual players as well as my team. I turned down CPU interceptions and turned up CPU run blocking a little more, but its definitely a challenge to the intermediate level players who are as anal as I am about wanting believable numbers at the end of games. I’m 2-1 now, ill let you guys know what happens at the end of my first season

  4. In defense I only play with one player usually LOLB and I never switch players, should I lower my defense sliders that low for me?

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