Madden 13 – Connected Careers – Player Types and Coaching Schemes (From The Manual)

About Player Types

It is important to understand the scheme in which your team runs and what player type they look for at a specific position.  Since each NFL team evaluates players differently, it’ll be essential to know what peaks their interest and in turn, value you even higher. For example, if you’re a receiving back looking to crack into the Arizona Cardinals starting lineup, you may find yourself buried on the depth chart. The Cardinals are a Power Run offense, looking for a Power HB. Your overall rating will be lower in that system than it will be in Miami, who is looking for a Receiving HB.

Player Types Explained (By Position)

Strong Arm QB: Elite Arm Strength
West Coast QB: Short Accuracy and Mobility
Field General QB: High Awareness, Throw on the Run, Play Action
Balanced QB: Decent Arm Strength, Speed and Acceleration
Pocket Passer QB: High Accuracy and Arm Strength
Balanced HB: Decent Speed and Acceleration
Power Back HB: Strength and Trucking
Speed Back HB: Speed and Acceleration
Receiving Back HB: Elusiveness and Catching
One Cut HB: Acceleration and Ball Carrier Vision
Runner Receiver FB: Catching, Speed, and Ball Carrier Vision
Blocking FB: Strength, Run and Impact Blocking
Balanced FB: Decent Speed, Agility, and Run Blocking

Wide Receivers
Possession WR: Catch in Traffic
Red Zone Threat: Spectacular Catch and Catch in Traffic
Route Runner: Agility and Route Running
Balanced WR: Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility
Speed WR: Speed and Acceleration
Tight Ends
Balanced TE: Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility
Blocking TE: Impact, Run and Pass Blocking
Vertical Threat: Speed, Agility, and Route Running
Receiver TE: Catching and Route Running
Offensive Linemen
Run Blocker OL: Run Blocking, Strength, and Acceleration
Big Mauler OL: Run Blocking, Strength, and Impact Blocking
Zone Blocking OL: Run Blocking, Agility, and Acceleration
Balanced: Decent Strength, Awareness, Pass and Run Blocking
Pass Blocker: Pass Blocking, Strength, and Awareness

Defensive Ends
Balanced 4-3 DE: Decent Speed, Power and Finesse Moves
4-3 Run Stopper: Strength, Block Shedding and Tackling
3-4 Run Stopper: Strength, Pursuit and Tackling
3-4 Versatile: Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings
Speed Rusher: Speed Acceleration and Pass Rushing
Defensive Tackles
Pass Rusher DT: Acceleration and Pass Rushing
Prototype DT: Agility, Strength, and Acceleration
Nose Tackle DT: Strength and Tackling
Run Stopper: Strength, Block Shedding, and Tackling
Balanced DT: Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings
Line Backers
Cover 2 LB: Zone Coverage Decent Speed and Agility
Run Stopper LB: Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling
3-4 Pass Rusher LB: Acceleration and Pass Rushing
Prototype LB: Speed Agility, and Acceleration
Balanced LB: Decent Speed, Acceleration, and Agility

Corner Backs
Man to Man CB: Man Coverage, Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Run Support: Press Coverage, Tackling, Decent Speed and Agility
Balanced CB: Decent Speed, Agility, Man and Zone Coverage
Prototype CB: Speed, Strength, and Acceleration
Zone CB: Zone Coverage and Play Recognition
Zone Safety: Zone Coverage and Play Recognition
Playmaker: Pursuit, Play Recognition, and Awareness
Balanced Safety: Speed, Agility, Coverage and Tackling
Prototype Safety: Speed, Agility, and Acceleration
Run Support Safety: Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling
Clutch Kicker: Kicking Accuracy and Awareness
Accurate: Kicking Accuracy
Balanced: Decent Kicking Power and Accuracy
Power: Kicking Power




Balanced Offense
A 50/50 mix of running and passing. Offense is build around having players who can do multiple things well. (Balanced Players for a Balanced Offense…makes sense)

Power Run
Offense is built upon running the ball right at the defense. The scheme values a Power HB and offensive linemen who excel at run blocking.

Offense is built on having a deep WR core and players who excel at making plays in space. Speed and acceleration is much needed in this scheme.

Vertical Offense
Offense is built around a Strong Arm QB who can get the ball down the field. There is a premium placed on players who are tall and can jump up to make plays on the football.

West Coast
Offense is built on a quick, short passing game to complement the run game. Getting a West Coast QB who excels at accuracy and throwing on the run is vital.

Zone Run
Offense is built on running the ball and attacking the edge of a defense. Getting smaller, athletic offensive linemen is key as well as having multiple, One Cut HB’s.


Attacking 4-3
Defense is built around four down linemen and linebackers and
defensive backs who can blitz to pressure the opposing offense.

Base 4-3
Defense is built around getting pressure from the four down
linemen and having linebackers and safeties that excel in

Attacking 3-4
Defense is built around three down linemen and having two
outside linebackers who can rush the quarterback. The secondary
must excel at coverage.

Base 3-4
Defense is built around three down linemen, especially the nose
tackle. The rest of the defense must be versatile enough to cover
as well as making the occasional blitz.

Hybrid Multiple Front
Defense is built around giving the offense multiple looks. This
includes both three and four down linemen alignments so having
versatile players is key.

Tampa 2
Defense is built around getting a good pass rush from the front
four linemen and having linebackers and secondary players who
excel at zone coverage.

Zone Blitz 3-4
Defense is built around three down linemen and two outside linebackers
that can rush the quarterback. Both middle linebackers
and secondary players must excel at zone coverage.



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7 thoughts on “Madden 13 – Connected Careers – Player Types and Coaching Schemes (From The Manual)”

  1. Is there a way to change what scheme my team uses in offline coach career mode? I’m the bears but would rather play 3-4.

  2. Thats what i thought. I always tried to change my scheme but after i loaded my safefile it was all gone – Thanks for the Update! (:
    Any Release date on that Patch? :b

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