Are You Not Entertained? – Actually… No. – The Downward Spiral of Annual Game Releases

If sports and first person shooter (FPS) Video Games were a ‘Nation’ and I were the President of Sports and FPS Video Games, I would have to say that the State of our Union is weak.

This isn’t coming from the stand-point of the gaming companies like Electronic Arts or Activision (judging by their weakening stocks I would say that they feel the same), but from the aspect of gamers.  There are numerous games that have grabbed our attention and held onto it for a few years such as the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect and some others that you might be able to throw out there in the comments section below.  However, sports games and some shooter titles are constantly being thrown at us every year during the summer or fall.

What is becoming more evident as we get closer to the end of this generation of consoles (XBox 360, PS3 and Wii) is that sports and shooter games are really coasting along for the last few quarters before they jump into a new fray of next-gen console development (aka – more of your money).

We have recently focused on games like Madden NFL and NCAA Football sense they are the primary Summer Releases for EA Sports.  The next game that will get our full attention is Black Ops 2.  Call of Duty is a game that is technically released every two years if you want to dive into the fact that it is split between development teams (Infinity Ward and Treyarch).  However, the series itself is pretty much the same concept with a few nuances that make each game slightly different.

These games feel disposable at this point.  We aren’t in a time period of creative thoughts in entertainment in general.  Movies are the same way with sequels and remakes that really aren’t too dissimilar from what annual sports games and FPS games like Call of Duty are doing.  The publishers of these games like to sell you on trailers and big budget marketing rather than actually take the time to be creative and take a chance with something new.

If in 2013 there would be an announcement that Madden and Call of Duty would not be released in order to drive creativity and innovation in each series, would you applaud this decision or take it upon yourself to scream in ALL CAPS that it is the worst thing that ever happened to gaming?

NoobTubeTV would applaud this decision but what is your take?

Author: NoobTubeTV

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One thought on “Are You Not Entertained? – Actually… No. – The Downward Spiral of Annual Game Releases”

  1. I completely agree with you, I mean how many different versions of CoD are they gonna come out with, newest halo sucked, newest CoD sucked, and newest Sims (at least console) sucked. Add to the fact that there has been no real cool awesome game ending for a long time, and the ones I do like have cliffhanger endings (trying to rip off the movie biz, which is great and all just, I don’t know……. have a next installment!). Seriously it’s not a cliffhanger if the cliff falls apart. The quality of games, the quality of story, even the originality of characters is falling apart, besides metal gear solid I dont see any villains that make me really hate them or thrill me any more. It’s like these companies are done bleeding the banks dry, and now they’re coming at the game industry to do the same thing. They have been here for years, but their effects are starting to really ripple throughout, the quality is becoming terrible, so much so that I can’t even stand to play most of the time, the gamer needs a voice for once, a real one. To speak out against this dampening of quality before it continues to suck us dry to the point of no return. To me, the best game I ever played was UT2004 for the computer, sure it was just a FPS, but it had character, good basic story, fun models, skins, and mods to dl, that were so derivative they were like a whole different game. That game was worth the money, also like splinter cell chaos theory and Metal Gear Solid, those are games that are steps in the right direction my friends.

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