Madden 13 Roster Update – Top Rookies Included

The Madden 13 Roster Update 4-14-13 is available now!  – Download Here

The time has come to get your fix of updated rosters.  There have been some moves around the league lately and those moves have been accounted for (Cleveland’s recent trade for Dion Lewis being one of them).  While some of the rookies have been re-rated due to prior creation having them too high for their projections in the original roster file.

If you don’t know how to transfer rosters here is a walkthrough for you.

If you would like fresh links for the USB Re-Hasher or Modio click the links below.

USB Re-Hasher


I cannot take full credit for these rosters as the base roster can be found here.

Madden 13 – Pre-Order and Get $15 In Amazon Credit!

We are entering the time of year when a lot of the most anticipated titles are coming out.  One thing that tends to make it tough on gamers is making the choice of which game you have to skip out on.

Amazon does a nice job of enticing people by offering this sweet deal that basically means if you pre-order four games, you get the 5th game for free!  Take it upon yourself to jump on this when you can!

Keep in mind, if the price changes (gets cheaper) before release like NCAA 13 did, you will get that price and the $15 credit to your Amazon Account!

Madden NFL 13