Bloodborne… or How I Learned to Stop Crying and Love Dying

I have returned to collect my soul(s).

Just like that and with the help of a Gamestop giftcard I jumped on the $20 sale and the last copy of Bloodborne in stock.


In case you missed it a few months ago, I had given up on Bloodborne. The game essentially beat me to a bloody pulp and then jumped in the red puddles of my now liquified former ego.

Bloodborne might be the best game on PS4 right now and if the non-shooter games continue to disappoint, maybe the best of the entire generation.

As much as it worked against my apparent need to feel like I could beat any and every game with relative ease and little frustration it also nagged at me from the past as something I left incomplete.

It’s funny to feel that way about a game without much of a story. It isn’t as if I feel bad about having yet to complete the main quest on the Witcher 3. I think the difference and the primary reason I grabbed Bloodborne again is because it isn’t a game limited by a linear story. I can start playing it again without trying to recount certain aspects of the story to help make sense of anything – and that makes for a nice change of pace from Metal Gear, Fallout, the Witcher and other titles.

Coming back to Bloodborne was a great idea and an especially heart-warming one as I held the wonderful sealed game in my hands. The artwork grabbed me once again and didn’t let go I was so excited to jump back in and have some fun slashing away and running around Yharnam… Then I opened the case and grabbed the disc and suddenly my world shifted into some sort if gaming nightmare.

I felt like I was voluntarily returning to an abusive gaming relationship. Then I realized that Bloodborne is one of the few games I love and will always suggest to anyone looking for a challenge – especially a masochistic one.

I now need to relearn all the controls and finer points of this game. That might be the best and most horrifying news for me yet.

I’m excited to jump back into Bloodborne. While it is a nightmare I was quick to discard for the sake of easier journeys I have since grown and now embrace the challenge. This was a total nightmare before but I’ve been in Yharnam once and I remember it all… Welcome to your nightmare, Bloodborne. I am back and this time I’m not leaving.


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