Madden 13 ‘Legends’ – I Think I Played This Game Before

Madden 13 is coming to your console with Legendary Players.  If you are excited about this – more power to you.

On the other hand, you could pop in a game that is five years old tomorrow and use quite a few of the same players such as the great Reggie White.

This is a screen capture of Mr. White as a Philadelphia Eagle while it looks very nice, the only thing different is that it is a licensed NFL rendition on the Madden engine.

It isn’t really a question of whether or not Madden or 2K Football is better.  It really is apples and oranges when you start comparing how the games play and other nuances that are too numerous to discuss in this article.

However, the real issue at hand is that EA Tiburon is putting this ‘feature’ in a game and almost acting like it is an original idea.  2K Sports (out of desperation) to please their hardcore football fans and with a feeble attempt to jump into the football gaming foray early on in this generation of consoles tried to grab a foothold with the inclusion of legends such as the aforementioned – Reggie White.  As well, they had players you can see here on 2K’s website.

The Original ‘Legends Game’ can be had for cheap. You will be amazed with the gameplay and animations that might not even be in Madden this year… or ever.

The issue at hand also makes the controversial Connected Careers Mode a little more strange in that it allows these legendary players (Barry Sanders, Ronnie Lott, Troy Aikman, etc.) as well as Legendary Coaches!  It is puzzling that they can’t allow people to do something like edit rosters, but they can allow legendary players onto their teams.

To compound the confusion there is also another vital question that needs to be asked –

Since when does the coach matter in Madden football?

Legendary Coaches is also a nice enough feature (and one that isn’t in APF2K8) but coaches have never mattered in Madden NFL.  You could have gone to the Super Bowl with Romeo Crennel’s ‘I’m Thinkin’ Arbys Cleveland Browns All Stars’ and it wouldn’t matter a bit.  Your coach means nothing in Madden and that has always been the case.

Madden 13 is on par to impress with their usual growth this year, but the inclusion of legends and marketing of their presence in Connected Careers (as well as Ultimate Team) is something that makes a lot of people look at EA with confusion and wonder if they will ever understand that gimmicks (especially those that have been done by another company) don’t sell games or make their game more enticing.  They are cheapening the ‘experience’ and making it feel more and more like it should be Downloadable Content to mess around with like a toy from a Happy Meal and then forgotten forever in the annals of Epic Sports Gaming Fails.

If you want a great game with classic players that requires a more simulation approach than Madden, please follow our link to a bargain of a fantastic football game!

All Pro Football 2K8


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6 thoughts on “Madden 13 ‘Legends’ – I Think I Played This Game Before”

  1. Your calling something u have never played and a feature uve never used an epic sports gaming fail? Wah wah. 2k this 2k that. You would think after so many years people could learn to stop bitching and if they don’t like what’s going on with the franchise then to just shut their mouths and buy a different game. 2k8 was complete trash. The only good thing about it was the soundtrack. Oh and you forgot to mention the graphics look like something from 2003 and the game lacks depth of any form. You get what you pay for go spend the four dollars on all pro football and enjoy something that should only be classified as good if it were a phone app. this article is an epic fail. Get off 2ks nuts.

  2. Nowhere was it stated that APF had better graphics. It was stated that it plays a lot differently than Madden. In many cases, fans of Madden NFL have a difficult (if not annoying) time trying to get used to the controls of 2K Football.

    Your comment could have been disregarded on my behalf, but I have chosen to allow your comment and give it a dignified response because this usually gets people banned on forums. I prefer to try and have some sort of conversation and maybe even let people disagree.

    “You would think after so many years people could learn to stop bitching and if they don’t like what’s going on with the franchise then to just shut their mouths and buy a different game”

    I would agree with you here 100% if there were another option. Unfortunately, there is no other option for NFL Football.

    All Pro Football 2K8 was featured strictly because the use of legends is in fact something that has been done before. The only difference is that it doesn’t have the NFL License or the depth of Franchise Mode.

    There was consideration given to disregarding your would-be ‘Anonymous’ message, but it should be made clear in response that no where was it stated that 2K was a better game or series. It seems that your dedication to Madden is similar to those that are dedicated to 2K and hate Madden (aka – Fanboys).

    I will be purchasing Madden 13 and look forward to playing Connected Careers. I just don’t look forward to playing with legends in that mode. Ultimate Team makes more sense to have Legends than Connected Careers. Granted, maybe you feel differently about that too.

    I hope you find this response dignified and polite and wish you a happy football gaming season!

  3. Hey man. Just going to share some of my thoughts. It’s clear by reading this that you think APF has better gameplay. And I too think this. It’s my favorite football game ever. Just because the gameplay is the best ever for a football game.

    As a fan of the NFL, my main interest are in fact the legands and history of the nfl. I like the nfl today. But it just doesn’t compare to back in the day. I love the nfl from the 80s. Marino, Elway, Montana. To me that was the best era of the nfl. It was totally different than it is now.

    So I’m very excited to have legands in this game. But my favorite player didn’t make it in (Marino)

    I can tell you one thing that M13 will do better with their legands tho. The equipment. Madden has put in a lot of classic gear and added long sleeves. APF never had long sleeves. And to me that kind of killed the fact that I was playing with legends. They didn’t look like they did when they played. Besides the classic facemask that are in APF.

    1. Thank you for the well thought out response! I just played a game of APF and feel that the gameplay is still far superior (especially OLine and DLine interactions). However, the first thing I notice are the ‘lean’ bodies of almost all players.

      Not to mention the fact that there are no NFL teams – it really does hurt this game sense there isn’t any sort of Franchise Mode (even for a fictitious league).

      I TOTALLY agree that the old uniforms and equipment are a necessary and welcome addition. I personally hope that in the future EA will put in All-Time Teams like NBA 2K and even back in the day with Madden 93 on Sega.

      Thanks again for commenting! It was and is a very valuable post!

  4. just get nfl 2k5 and edit the historic teams like i did. i have 32 nfl alltime teams. the greatest players battling it out on the grid iron.

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