Madden 12 Updated Rosters


The Madden 13 Roster File V 1.0 is now available for XBox 360 users only!!!

*Update 1.3 has been released as of August 12!!!

It includes:

  • All Major Rookies (This list will be updated as we get closer and into camp for the 2012 Season)
  • Undrafted Free Agents such as (Case Keenum, JB (Jeff on the Browns Roster) Shugarts and many more!) – Please send requests in our comments section below or to
  • Retired Players (Rated down to 12 OVR in order to render a retirement after your first year of Franchise Mode, not just moved to Punter or Kicker (for the most part))
  • Re-Rated Players (Sparingly performed, this is always a subjective issue anyway)
  • Depth Chart Changes (this is subject to major changes as we approach team camps)


Please go to this link at Operation Sports for a complete walkthrough.  These programs may not work with Linux or Mac, so be fore-warned!

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Madden 13’s Roster Update is going to be live for you on XBox 360 soon… in the form of a Madden 12 Roster Overhaul!

Browns fans should be excited to use Trent Richardson! He will be an absolute BEAST!

If you have been looking for updated Rosters for Madden 12 will all Rookies and Roster Moves – you are in luck.

There are rosters currently under development with cross-referenced information to make sure all players are correctly listed on Madden 12.

Also, there are efforts being made to find a workaround to mod the entire list of players in Madden as well.  As it is currently, EA seems to have put major encryptions within their roster files to protect them from universal edits, etc.  Basically, this means that they want to force you to buy their annual roster update for $60+ if you want the new players on your favorite teams.

The first edition will be posted in the next few days.  Please be patient as it isa lot of work and tends to be time-consuming.  We would appreciate donations as you download these files as well.

Many ratings will be coming from the good people at and any other ratings will be strictly from NoobTubeTV.

If you have questions or player requests, please let us know.


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