Is ‘Multi-Player Game’ A Misnomer?

When you are shooting people online it is a great feeling.  When you are getting shot by other people online it is almost enough to make you scream and rage quit (not that I have ever been guilty of that…ahem, anyway…).

If you take a look at the status of gaming and the draw for people to play multi-player games online it is almost the sole marketing campaign for every developer and publisher.  This pushes people to level up, buy add-ons, sequels and other accessories all in the name of digital violence.

It seems that Call of Duty is the audio version of what used to be chat-rooms back in the mid/late 1990s.  You have all the same characters.  The racist, the homophobe(s), the ethnic stereotypes, the wanna-be rappers, the random ‘real girl’ and then the completely silent gamer.

The silent gamer is actually becoming the most common character you will come across in most online multi-player console games.  It is interesting because multi-player in its essence gives the impression that there is some sort of socializing.  There is in-fact very little socializing in multi-player games and even less team-work.  That is when the silent gamer is at his/her most annoying.

Dear Silent Gamer,

We don’t need to know anything personal about you but it would be awesome if you could help your team out instead of camping on a mountain with a sniper rifle.  Not to mention, you are kinda bad at your chosen ‘strategy’ and we could use you as support.


Your Teammates


Author: NoobTubeTV

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