Using C4 In Battlefield 3

There are a ton of Modern Warfare 3 videos out there.  We have a few on our site and channel on YouTube.  However, there are also videos out there that are under the category of ‘Only In Battlefield’ – this is one of them.

While you can use C4 in MW3, you can’t do the things with it that you can in Battlefield 3 (or even Bad Company 2).  Hopefully you get some new ideas about C4 after watching this video and reading this post.  Keep in mind that it is a four step process to use C4 –

  1. Equip C4 (Only in Support Class) by pressing Right on the D-Pad
  2. Deploy (Place) C4 with Left Trigger (L1 on PS3)*
  3. Run Away (If you can/have time)
  4. Detonate (Blow Up) C4 with Right Trigger (R1 on PS3)*

NOTE – Special Thanks To ElvishGoalie for letting me know that my PS3 controls were mislabled.

Author: NoobTubeTV

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5 thoughts on “Using C4 In Battlefield 3”

    1. Thanks! I don’t have the PS3 version, so I will post this ASAP.
      (Doesn’t make much sense or translate well for the buttons to have different layouts like that on consoles)

  1. I don’t understand why tank drivers and gunners don’t bail out as soon as the C4 is placed. When someone places C4 on my tank I see the “hold [Box] to pickup” message and know my tank is about to be destroyed — so I bail out and look for the enemy support trooper who should be fairly easy to kill since he probably doesn’t have his gun out.

    1. I tend to go down with my tank. Few hours ago, I got blown to bits because I was sniping other tanks from far and failed to check my proximity scan. If we bail, chances of the tank being stolen is high and we do not want to be outnumbered in armour ratio.

      My two cents.

      1. There is a small risk that you’ll lose the tank to the enemy, but usually the enemy support trooper is busy trying to run away from your tank to detonate the C4 without killing himself. And I usually have to run to the rear of the tank (where the C4 was placed), where I can fire an RPG into the tailpipe of the stolen tank and quickly disable (and possibly destroy) it.

        At the very least, the gunner can jump out and the driver can remain in the tank to completely eliminate that small risk. There’s just no excuse for both the driver and gunner getting killed while in the tank, yet I saw that happen several times in the above video.

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