PlayStation Network – You Get What You Pay For

It turns out that when you don’t have to pay for something it is usually a good barometer for the quality you should expect that product to be.

PlayStation Network has been down more than once over the last couple weeks.  Today is no different when it comes to the terrible service that at one point was down for months due to hackers busting it apart from the inside.

Sony is aware of the outage and they are working on fixing it.  However, this issue is something that has been a problem for years with their online ‘service’.  It does beg the question -Is PlayStation Network ever going to be a dependable service?

The fact that this is a question that is being asked is a dangerous one for a company that is competing with Microsoft in an ever-growing world of online gaming.  If they want to have any hope of surviving in the next iteration of consoles they will need to make a serious decision about how much their online service means to their bottom line.