Modern Warfare 2 – DMZ Mode Is Sneaky Fun

While there are some aspects that need to be tuned up a bit and perhaps a few others that will need an overhaul, the new DMZ Mode is a lot of fun.

While you are still dealing with other actual player, most of the baddies you face are AI – and they aren’t pushovers for the most part. Sure, some of them feel like you are playing the campaign on regular, but if you try to do a mission by yourself – prepare to ask a teammate to come and revive you (which takes quite a long time… because, ummm, a friend told me about it. My knowledge of this has nothing to due with me getting downed by AI enemies – tongue firmly through cheek here).

If you are sick of the try-hard wannabe streamers killing you in Warzone, give DMZ a try, it’s a hell of a good time.

Author: NoobTubeTV

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