Madden 13 Demo To Feature Two Match-Ups & Full Four Quarter Games

In case you haven’t joined the madness that is the Madden forums on numerous sites – it is official… you will have a chance to play a full game with 5-minute quarters for the Madden 13 Demo.

Here’s hoping that RG3 isn’t to Madden 13 what Mike Vick was to Madden 2004.

The match-ups?

  1. A rematch of the NFC Championship between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants.  This should be fun for people that want to check out how much fun it is to play defense with the likes of Patrick Willis.
  2. A game between the Seahawks and the Redskins… otherwise known as an opportunity to see how fast Robert Griffin III is and how much you will want to play with him online.  In case you were wondering why that seems a little sarcastic – check out our old article about sports gaming online.

The opportunity to play a full game of Madden is really what you should be excited about.  It isn’t very often that publishers (especially EA Sports) give you a chance to play more than a half or a quarter of a sports game.  You can expect full video coverage and reviews pouring out from the sports gaming community and NoobTubeTV will be no different… other than the fact that we won’t be fanboys and we won’t be haters when it comes to reviewing a game and much less – a demo.

Keep in mind that Demos are not always the latest ‘build’ of a game.  There might (and probably will be) glitches that make you wonder if it is worth your time to begin with but we are hoping for the best.

*On a personal note, I am extremely excited (like Tim Tebow)  to get a crack at some Madden 13 action before the official release on August 28.



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6 thoughts on “Madden 13 Demo To Feature Two Match-Ups & Full Four Quarter Games”

  1. The 5 minute quarters on the demo r way to fast! The other team got the ball first and they held the ball the entire 1st quater and half the 2nd and didn’t even get far enough down field to try a field goal! A scoring drive can take up an entire half if u don’t hurry up and take so shots down field! This demo needs all 4 quarters! If the game itself moves the clock this fast you will have to play at least 12 minute quarters or more to have realistic stats and scores! The clock run off is way to fast on this game! In the demo you are luckey if u get the ball twice on some games!

    1. Keep in mind that you can press ‘start’ and change the game speed (from very slow to very fast)… You can also change accelerated clock to ‘off’.

      I hope that helps you a little bit.
      We will be releasing sliders and settings for Madden 13 during the first week of retail release as well.

      1. Thanks for the info on that! I didn’t think the demo would let u chang that because it doesn’t let u change it before the game starts! I love all the new game play changes! The new passing game is a really nice improvment! I’m 50/50 on going back to the analoge kicking! I hated the kicking in Madden 12 for a long time, but I got really used to it! I started to like it and now getting back to the old way will take a little time to get used to again! I am 100% pleased with the game play this year! I can’t wait for the full game to come out! I love football and I’ve been a big Madden fan for a long time! I remember playing on the SNES! I like Tecmo Bowl a little better back then but once the playstation came out the game has gotten better ever year! I play on the 360 and love it! The game has really came a long way! The grapichs on the new gaming systems are great! I’m 30 years old now and have seen the changes through the years! Kids now don’t realize how good they have it! I love to play sports games the most realistic way possible! I like to use the snap count and mix the run and pass game 50/50. I like a challange and to know that even though I’m really good at the game, that its always a chance to lose. I customize my setting each year to make to game play out as real as possible. I would like to see player raiting updates when the roster updates come too. I’ve like Madden every year, some better than others. I think this years Madden will be the best one yet for sure! Keep up the good work EA sports and everyone involved in the Madden Franchise! Thanks for all the hard work in making the best game possible!

      2. Glad it helped! I am really excited about this iteration of Madden… not to get ahead of myself, but next year should blow me away if they can tweak and add a few more things.

    2. I’ve played many games on the demo now and have noticed a few things that I hope they have fixed before the full game comes out. The LB’s catch the ball better than the recivers is one of the bigest! The LB’s make catches like the hand are magnets and the ball is metal while the recivers drop passes that hit them in them in the chest and the comentary says stuff like, that was a terrible pass by the QB! How can you throw a pass right in their breed basket and it be a bad pass? The DB’s make highlight catches and will drop a ball that right at them! So if u don’t want to throw a pick, you just throw the ball right to the DB and if you want to you throw it where than can jump 6 feet or more to make an unreal catch! Much like the past several years, if you throw the ball anywhere near a LB they will make a pick! I hope they get this fixed, but being that this has been a problem for several years now and they still haven’t fixed it all ready, I doubt they do!

      1. Well, I have the game now and its a lot better than the demo was! The game looks better and the players move eaiser and much more realistic. Its a few things that could use some small improvments but not many at all! This year has much more improvment from one year to the next than ever before! I think that by the time Madden 14 comes out, this game will be as close to perfect as possible! With a few very small improvements, I don’t see how anyone could really have anything to complaine about! Thanks to EA SPORTS and everyone involved in this newest Madden! Its easy to tell that they really listened to the players and have made great improvements to make this Madden the best yet! After next years Madden, I think the only thing they will need to do from year to year is stuff like new players, coaches, and uniformes!

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