Are You A Fanboy? – Five Ways To Find Out If You Are

Fanboys (and Fangirls) are everywhere in entertainment – TV shows, movies, comics and especially video games.  When you start looking at how people interact on message boards and forums or on the comments section of YouTube videos it can be made abundantly clear that some people are devoted to a fault.

Fanboy – (noun) An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.

Here are five ways to figure out if you are a dreaded Fanboy.

  1. You Call Yourself a Fanboy – This is self explanatory.  If you refer to yourself as ‘the ultimate fan’ or the ‘most dedicated’ member of a certain franchise’s community.  You are a fanboy.
  2. You Blindly Support Every Marketing Strategy – When a developer or franchise starts a commercial campaign or screen shot reveal and you gush over or J.I.Y.P. after every release like it is the ultimate moment of nirvana… You are a fanboy.
  3. You Truly Believe Nothing Compares – If you believe your preference in a game like Call of Duty’s killstreak rewards are the best thing to ever happen to a game and playing any game without killstreak rewards is terrible – You are a fanboy.
  4. You Become A Troll On Other Game Community Sites – They are everywhere.  Trolls.  You are so devoted to your game being better than another game that you decide to invade the sovereign territory of another website to start trash talking or  disrespecting the people that enjoy something you don’t approve of… you now wear two (2) hats – you are a Troll and a Fanboy.
  5. You Get A Tattoo (Make Yourself into a Billboard) – Believe it or not, this has been done.  This really doesn’t require any further explanation, but just remember that your body is sacred and if you choose to freely advertise a product that you aren’t making money off of you are a fanboy… and a fool.  (If you are making money off of it, you might lose the ‘fool’ label… but you will not lose the ‘fanboy’ moniker.

Author: NoobTubeTV

I work with leadership to provide guidance, feedback and a plan of action in order to improve facilitation, learning, morale, efficiency and quality of production from their workforce.

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