What Is A Pro Gamer?

Is an artist a pro artist?  That is something that should come to mind when you start thinking about being a pro gamer.  Did you start playing video games to make money or have a good time enjoying a hobby.  That hobby might have eventually turned into an obsession (even and unhealthy one).  The bottom line is that most people will eventually come to terms with one thing when it comes down to facing reality.

It is a funny conversation to have with a gamer, ‘going pro’.  In reality it is the top of list for many people that think their skills in a game will pay like they are some sort of NBA Draft Pick.

Are you a member of the crowd paying for a ticket or are you one of the 8-10 people on stage? The moment you are honest with yourself is the moment you might start enjoying your games (especially online) without throwing a fit about lag or even your KDR.

If you win an MLG Tournament (1st Place) you will have a shot at $10,000.

If you consider the perks to winning every tournament every year, you might be in line for between $30,000-80,000.  Depending on the tax breakdown for your respective state of residence you might get more or less.  This is of course assuming you are winning every match and the best in the world.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of work to do to be the best at any game.  This entry isn’t meant to kill your dreams; this entry is meant to help you see that being a pro gamer is really a matter of debate and in some cases – delusion.

Earlier we talked about facing reality…

Reality is that when you decide that gaming is about going pro and making money rather than enjoying what you love simply to enjoy it – you will begin hating what you once loved because it will turn into a job.


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