Just A Bit Outside – Cleveland Guardians

I will be attempting to track my franchise mode experience with the Cleveland Guardians on MLB The Show 22.

This will cover multiple NoobTubeTV platforms as I will stream some of my games and hopefully stream my initial team build with some of my new house rules in place on at https://www.twitch.tv/noobtubetv. I will also do my best to upload games onto YouTube.com/user/OfficialNoobtubeTV.

On top of both video aspects, there will be a new persona taking over the Franchise Mode blog updates. Harry Doyle III will be taking the over the writing in spirit with monthly updates regarding how the Guardians have performed on the field and some of the crazy things that happen off the digital diamond.

The house rules will be flexible to better fit an enjoyable experience as well as provide a competitive balance.

Trades = Depending on how the team performs at certain positions and as a whole there will either be very few trades or numerous in order to mimic what would transpire if a team looks like they might show signs of competing for a title.

Free Agents = No Sign and Trade, any player signed must remain on the roster or be cut.

Gameplay = All Star Difficulty with possible tweaks to sliders.

Quick Counts = This will start as the default setting as it helps speed up games and also provides more opportunities for walks, etc.

Scouting = Scouting will be handled manually and I will provide a walkthrough for how to best scout for talent and post the video on youtube.

More to come, but I am very excited about taking The Guardians away from Dolan and turning them into the feared sentinels of baseball.

Author: NoobTubeTV

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