Black Ops 2 and Aritificial Inaccuracy While Aiming Down Sight

One of the primary reasons I stopped playing Black Ops within a few months of release was due to the way they decided to make some weapons ‘inaccurate’.  The AK-47 is certainly an inaccurate weapon, however it shouldn’t mean that when you have your sights trained on an enemy that the rounds don’t fire straight out of the barrel.  This was one of the more annoying aspects of Black Ops as it seemed like every time I had my weapon aimed down sight directly on an enemy it would often result in a few missed shots.  It would be one thing if I was holding the trigger down on full auto but when firing in bursts and aiming low on the body in order to prevent recoil-misses and still miss shots on target – it takes away from the game drastically.

In Black Ops 2 we will be ‘flashing forward’ a bit as we start fighting in ‘The Near Future’.  There are a lot of things about Black Ops 2 that might make artificial inaccuracy a thing of the past for Treyarch.  The primary reasoning behind this assumption is that the weapons will be more aligned with those that we are currently using in Modern Warfare 3 or they will simply be more accurate weapons of the future.

We will keep you posted as details emerge but in the mean time we recommend that you start playing more Black Ops in order to get ready for Black Ops 2.  Treyarch seems to have a lot up their sleeve with this game and the online approach especially.


What’s Next? Madden NFL Zombie Mode…?

I bet you think I am joking… and I am to an extent – but…

So many people were clamouring for fantasy drafts and player editing in Madden 13 – and their wishes are slowly being granted.  Many people are still playing Black Ops strictly for the zombie mode and are looking forward to Black Ops 2 only for the continuation of it as well.  Now we have numerous zombie add-ons for games like ARMA 2 to go with the already growing number of actual zombie-themed games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island.

Then it crossed my mind.

What would make a football game more accessible for non-sports gamers?


Consider the possibilities of instead of simply getting tackled by other players you were being chased around the field by zombies.  Maybe you could actually break ankles with a crazy juke move or use the hit stick to wreck a few zombies carrying the brain…err – ball.

I bet Donny Moore would give them all 99 OVRs in toughness and 25s in Awareness…

What are your thoughts? – Should zombies make their way into sports games?

Prepping For Black Ops 2? – Dust Off The Original Black Ops

With Black Ops 2 coming out in November you will want to play the first one to get a feel for the guns and overall handling of Treyarch’s last iteration of COD.

Getting your eyes and fingers ready for an anticipated game doesn’t entail taking a long break from gaming.  If you are looking forward to games like Black Ops 2 you should start putting in some practice time with the predecessor.  In this case, you should take the opportunity to start playing some of the original Black Ops.

There are a few reasons for this approach –

Developers Usually Make Games ‘Handle’ Like Old Ones – Treyarch is the developer in charge of Black Ops 2 (as they were with the original Black Ops).  Playing Modern Warfare 3 will still help you quite a bit with Call of Duty’s speed and presentation.  However, you will notice that Black Ops has many nuances that make it rather difficult to shift between Modern Warfare (Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer) and the titles developed by Treyarch.  You will notice guns aim and even carry differently – pop in each game and start looking for those slight differences that could make a big difference in your ability to play Black Ops 2 more effectively on November 13.

Get Used To Game Speed – The difference in game speed between Treyarch and Infinity Ward is also something that is very slight, but it is something to take into consideration none-the-less.  You will notice that sprinting speed and even the aiming of weapons can be just a few fractions of a second different from one game to another.

Snipers…Be Warned – Treyarch is rumored to be removing aim-assist (at least from Sniper Rifles).  This will hopefully get rid of ‘quick-scoping’ as well as making sniping a more skillful art than some sort of carnival weapon.  Sniping is a major point of contention for a lot of first person shooter gamers.  However, when it comes to the difference between sniping in Treyarch and Infinity Ward games – it is one of the most vast differences in gun-play.

Zombies – They are coming back and lets be honest… half of the people that say they play Call of Duty: Black Ops at this point play it simply for the zombies.  Start getting your braaaaaains ready folks – Black Ops 2 is less than two months away!

Madden 13 All-Madden Sliders for Connected Careers Now Available *Updated 2/1/13*

For those of you clamoring for a more challenging experience in Madden 13 – look no further.  These sliders are tough and they will give you some close games.

I highly suggest you use GameFlow as it seems to help make the game play a bit more realistically and it also keeps you from running money-plays like Power-O with motion, etc.

The CPU running game is terrible in Madden 13, so in this case we have made an effort to fix this through upping the speed threshold as well as taking down the Human run defense sliders.

For the passing game, you need to make sure that your players are open.  Close man coverage and forced passes will often lead to interceptions.

Happy Gaming!

Quarter Length 12 Mins
Acc Clock 11 Secs
Game Speed Slow
Auto Strafe Off
Auto Sprint Off
Spd Thresh 90
Injury 53
Fatigue 65
QB Acc 15 50
Pass Block 2 15
WR Catch 50 55
Broken Tackles 35 50
Run Blocking 15 55
Fumbles 25 55
Pass Def React 35 50
Interceptions 20 50
Pass Rush 10 45
Rush Def React 12 50
Block Shed 7 50
Tackling 5 50
FG Power 50
FG Acc 40
Punt Power 50
Punt Acc 80
KO Power 46
Offside 100
False Start 50
Holding 52
Face Mask 53
DPI 100
OPI 100
PCI 100
Clipping 54
Int Ground 100
Rough Passer 52
Rough Kicker 100

Madden 13 To Implement Online Fantasy Draft Tomorrow

In a complete twist of events, EA has announced on their Facebook Page that Madden 13 will now have online fantasy drafts for Connected Careers Mode.  This has been one of the most contentious removals outside of player editing… and with player editing being considered for the next patch, this could prove to be the one move that makes people that were otherwise casting Madden 13 aside into believers that this is the best Madden game to date.  What is your take on this news?

Photo: Online Fantasy Drafts coming to Madden NFL 13 tomorrow!  More details coming soon!

Borderlands 2 Will Open Gun Season This Autumn

There are a lot of things that come with autumn – in gaming it is gun season. 

Over the next couple of months we will be covering some of the most anticipated titles of ‘gun season’.  The first game to grace us with its wonderful firearms is Borderlands 2.  Next week you will have the chance to continue the adventures on the planet of Pandora.  While you won’t be controlling the same characters during this story, you will have the ability to see even more amazing weapons and experience a new type of enemy intelligence. 

The best part of Borderlands is the weapons and we will give you a quick guide on some of the companies that make the weapons of Borderlands 2.

Dahl – These weapons tend to be some of the more solid performing guns in the game.  They often look like military surplus with their camouflage and firing modes.  Think of these as being go-to weapons when you need consistency.
Hyperion – These weapons are elemental in their damage (fire, electricity, poison, etc.) when they are fired for a long period of time they will develop better accuracy (especially as you hold down the trigger).
Jakobs – Jakobs weapons are like the MK14 in MW3 – they fire rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger.  This tends to mean that you should have steady aiming ability or just hope that recoil on your weapon isn’t too drastic.
Maliwan – These are also primarily developed around elemental damage.  It should be no surprise for you to find one of these guns late in the game as you level up and be impressed with some of the massive damage bonuses that come with their elemental powers.
Tediore – You should be careful when you use these weapons.  They will be rather unreliable and also have the ability to be discarded as active grenades (if you have ammunition in them) – this might be the only perk to using Tediore weapons.  I don’t see these being enjoyable to use early in the game but crappy weapons are often something you will start with in any game.
Torgue – this company’s weapons use Gyrojet ammunition – essentially giving the user an opportunity to have more damage-per-shot but in exchange you will have fewer rounds per clip.  This gives you a choice to make when you come across a Torgue weapon that can do massive damage but only has four rounds and perhaps using a weapon with less damage but more rounds to fire at a target.  *Reload speed is vital when using weapons with small capacity.
Vladof – Consider Vladof weapons to be speed focused.  These guns are often for the class of player that uses a Gunzerker or Commando character.  Think of Vladof guns as being really fast guns with little control.

EA Announces First ‘Real’ Patch for Madden 13

So much for waiting around for the patch EA made no promises on.  Madden 13 will have a patch tomorrow for the 360 and PS3.

From EA’s Facebook Page

“Madden NFL 13 Title Update #2 will be available tomorrow on the Xbox 360 & PS3. The update includes a new instant start option when creating your player in Connected Careers, numerous stability fixes, and GameFace improvements.

We’d also like to remind fans who have been asking about the ability to edit players and rosters in Connected Careers that based on your feedback, the development team is currently exploring the potential option to include additional functionality in Madden NFL 13 in an upcoming title update. We’ll update you with more information in the coming weeks after the team has time to investigate and assess the situation.”


Madden 13 Roster Update Is Live (Only For Online and Play Now)

Meet the Ratings Czar – EA Tiburon’s Donny Moore

While it isn’t exactly surprising that Madden 13 has a roster update out before a necessary patch, it is none the less not surprising that you can’t even use this roster update in your Connected Careers Mode as an offline gamer.  EA has already made it their mantra to either ignore their fan base’s cries for a much-needed patch or make their ‘new features’ more of a hindrance than anything close to a better experience of the game.  You can expect the roster update for CCM to come out around Tuesday or Wednesday this week if they keep their promises.

For those of you looking for the list of updates for online and play now – here you go:

LaRon Byrd WR ARZ Added to game
Marshay Green CB ARZ Released
Crezdon Butler CB ARZ Released
Alfonso Smith HB ARZ Released
Ronald Talley DL ARZ Released
Thomas Clayton HB ARZ Released
Clark Haggans LB ARZ Released
D.J. Young OL ARZ Released
Quan Sturdivant LB ARZ Released
Richard Bartel QB ARZ Released
Antonio Coleman LB ARZ Released
Jaymar Johnson WR ARZ Released
DeMarco Sampson WR ARZ Released
Landon Cohen DL ARZ Released
Blake Gideon S ARZ Released
Russ Hochstein OL ARZ Released
Javarris James HB ARZ Removed from depth chart (injury)
Brandon Williams LB ARZ Removed from depth chart (injury)
Stephen Williams WR ARZ Removed from depth chart (injury)
Jeremy Bridges OL ARZ Removed from depth chart (injury)
Gerell Robinson WR ARZ Signed
Blake DeChristopher OL ARZ Signed
Jamaal Westerman LB ARZ Signed
Steven Baker OL ARZ Signed
Pat McQuistan OL ARZ Signed
Phillipkeith Manley OL ATL Added to game
Josh Harris LS ATL Added to game
Kevin Cone WR ATL Jersey change to #15
Tyler Horn OL ATL Released
Dominique Franks CB ATL Released
Darrin Walls CB ATL Released
Mike Cox FB ATL Released
Spencer Adkins LB ATL Released
Andrew Jackson OL ATL Released
Richard Medlin HB ATL Released
Dimitri Nance HB ATL Released
John Parker Wilson QB ATL Released
Chris Redman QB ATL Released
Suaesi Tuimanei S ATL Released
Louis Nzegwu DL ATL Released
Joe Zelenka LS ATL Released
Max Gruder LB ATL Released
Kerry Meier WR ATL Released
Michael Calvin WR ATL Released
James Rodgers WR ATL Released
Jason Slowey OL ATL Released
Shann Schillinger S ATL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Luke McCown QB ATL Signed
Adam Nissley TE ATL Signed
Mark LeGree S ATL Signed
Chase Coffman TE ATL Signed
Justin Tucker K BAL Added to game
Cecil Newton OL BAL Released
Danny Gorrer CB BAL Released
Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DL BAL Released
Cyhl Quarles DB BAL Released
Billy Cundiff K BAL Released
Josh Bynes LB BAL Released
Curtis Painter QB BAL Released
Tony Wragge OL BAL Released
Chavis Williams LB BAL Released
Davon Drew TE BAL Released
Patrick Williams WR BAL Released
Devin Goda WR BAL Released
Emmanual Cook DB BAL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Damien Berry HB BAL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Ryan McBean DL BAL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Anthoyn Levine S BAL Signed
James Ihedigbo S BAL Signed
Dennis Dixon QB BAL Signed
Delano Howell S BUF Added to game
Mark Asper OL BUF Released
Prince Miller CB BUF Released
Kevin Brock TE BUF Released
Naaman Roosevelt WR BUF Released
David Clowney WR BUF Released
Derek Hagan WR BUF Released
Ruvell Martin WR BUF Released
Fendi Onobun TE BUF Released
Keith Williams OL BUF Released
Kellen Heard DL BUF Released
Dwan Edwards DL BUF Released
Joshua Nesbitt S BUF Released
Vince Young QB BUF Released
Danny Batten LB BUF Released
Tank Carder LB BUF Released
Scott McKillop LB BUF Released
Robert Eddins DL BUF Released
Jake Vermiglio OL BUF Released
Johnny White HB BUF Released
Torrel Troup DL BUF Removed from depth chart (injury)
Kamar Aiken WR BUF Signed
Tarvaris Jackson QB BUF Traded to BUF (from SEA)
Jimmy Clausen QB CAR Jersey change to #7
Matt Reynolds OL CAR Released
Darius Butler CB CAR Released
Terrell McClain DL CAR Released
Ogemdi Nwagbuo DL CAR Released
Jordan Pugh S CAR Released
Josh Vaughan HB CAR Released
Olindo Mare K CAR Released
Eric Norwood DL CAR Released
Roger Allen OL CAR Released
Kion Wilson LB CAR Released
Jason Williams LB CAR Released
Jonathan Nelson S CAR Released
Reggie Smith S CAR Released
Greg Smith TE CAR Released
Seyi Ajirotutu WR CAR Released
Darvin Adams WR CAR Released
Brandon Hogan CB CAR Removed from depth chart (injury)
Nate Ness CB CAR Removed from depth chart (injury)
Andre Neblett DL CAR Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Ron Parker CB CAR Signed
Dwan Edwards DL CAR Signed
Armond Smith HB CAR Signed
Justin Medlock K CAR Signed
Jeremy Jones S CHI Added to game
Evan Rodriguez FB CHI Changed position to FB (was TE)
Evan Rodriguez FB CHI Jersey changed to #48
Geno Hayes LB CHI Jersey changed to #58
Cheta Ozougwu DL CHI Jersey changed to #95
Jonathan Wilhite CB CHI Released
Cornelius Brown CB CHI Released
Greg McCoy CB CHI Released
Brian Price DT CHI Released
John McCargo DT CHI Released
Jordan Miller DT CHI Released
Kahlil Bell HB CHI Released
Thadddeus Gibson DL CHI Released
A.J. Greene OL CHI Released
Adrien Cole LB CHI Released
Dom DeCicco LB CHI Released
Jabara Williams LB CHI Released
Josh McCown QB CHI Released
Chauncey Davis DL CHI Released
Ricky Henry OL CHI Released
Rashied Davis WR CHI Released
Brandon Hardin S CHI Removed from depth chart (injury)
Sherrick McManis CB CHI Traded to CHI (from HOU)
Trevor Robinson OL CIN Added to game
Reggie Stephens OL CIN Released
T.J. Heath CB CIN Released
Nick Hayden DL CIN Released
Vaughn Meatoga DL CIN Released
James Develin FB CIN Released
Aaron Brown HB CIN Released
Micah Johnson DL CIN Released
Roddrick Muckelroy LB CIN Released
DeQuin Evans DL CIN Released
Matthew O’Donnell OL CIN Released
Matt Murphy OL CIN Released
Colin Cochart TE CIN Released
Vidal Hazelton WR CIN Released
Kashif Moore WR CIN Released
Pat Sims DL CIN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Robert Sands S CIN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Jeff Faine OL CIN Signed
Jeff Adams OL CIN Signed
L.J. Fort LB CLE Added to game
Josh Gordon WR CLE Jersey change to #13
James Dockery CB CLE Released
Kiante Tripp DL CLE Released
Brian Schaeffering DL CLE Released
Adonis Thomas HB CLE Released
Seneca Wallace QB CLE Released
Dominc Alford OL CLE Released
Stanley Daniels OL CLE Released
David Sims S CLE Released
Evan Moore TE CLE Released
Quinton Spears LB CLE Released
Carlton Mitchell WR CLE Released
Rod Windsor WR CLE Released
Dan Gronkowski TE CLE Released
Scott Paxson DL CLE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Emmanual Acho LB CLE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Marcus Benard LB CLE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Scott Fujita LB CLE Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Ishmaa’ily Kitchen DL CLE Signed
Tank Carder LB CLE Signed
Tedy Williams CB DAL Released
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB DAL Released
Shaun Chapas FB DAL Released
Javarris Williams HB DAL Released
Jeff Adams OL DAL Released
Baraka Atkins LB DAL Released
Rudy Carpenter QB DAL Released
Clifton Geathers DL DAL Released
Raymond Radway WR DAL Released
Daniel Loper OL DAL Released
Stephen McGee QB DAL Released
Kevin Kowalski OL DAL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Colin Cochart TE DAL Signed
Ryan Cook OL DAL Traded to DAL (from MIA)
Steven Johnson LB DEN Added to game
Ronnie Hillman HB DEN Jersey change to #21
Omar Bolden CB DEN Jersey change to #31
Jim Leonhard CB DEN Jersey change to #36
Austin Sylvester FB DEN Released
Rafael Bush S DEN Released
Syd’Quan Thompson CB DEN Released
Ramzee Robinson CB DEN Released
Drayton Florence CB DEN Released
Mike Mohamed LB DEN Released
Cyril Obiozior DL DEN Released
Ryan Harris OL DEN Released
Jason Hill WR DEN Released
Gerell Robinson WR DEN Released
Mark Dell WR DEN Released
Jerry Franklin LB DEN Released
Adam Weber QB DEN Released
Tony Hills OL DEN Released
Adam Grant OL DEN Released
Jason Hunter DL DEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Jeremy Beal DL DEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
D.J. Williams LB DEN Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Virgil Green TE DEN Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Quentin Saulsberry OL DEN Signed
Mario Fannin HB DEN Signed
Drew Coleman CB DET Released
Alphonso Smith CB DET Released
Andre Fluellen DL DET Released
James Bryant FB DET Released
Ugo Chinasa DL DET Released
Everette Brown DL DET Released
Dan Gerberry OL DET Released
Jonathan Scott OL DET Released
Ryan Donahue P DET Released
Jacques McClendon OL DET Released
Sean Jones S DET Released
Maurice Stovall WR DET Released
Lance Long WR DET Released
Nate Hughes WR DET Released
Terrence Toliver WR DET Released
Jarrett Dillard WR DET Released
Ricardo Silva S DET Released
Mikel Leshoure HB DET Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Slade Norris LB DET Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Drayton Florence CB DET Signed
Shaun Chapas FB DET Signed
Kasim Osgood WR DET Signed
Kris Durham WR DET Signed
Kevin Barnes CB DET Traded to DET (from WAS)
Dale Moss WR GB Released
Sampson Genus OL GB Released
Anthony Hargrove DL GB Released
Daniel Muir DL GB Released
Jon Hoese FB GB Released
Anthony Levine S GB Released
Jarius Wynn DL GB Released
Herb Taylor OL GB Released
Shaky Smithson WR GB Released
Tori Gurley WR GB Released
Derek Sherrod OL GB Removed from depth chart (injury)
Vic So’oto LB GB Removed from depth chart (injury)
Erik Walden LB GB Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Chris Scott OL GB Signed
Alan Ball CB HOU Jersey changed to #22
Duane Brown OL HOU New deal, 7yrs/56MIL
Shelley Smith OL HOU Released
Torii Williams S HOU Released
Loni Fangupo DL HOU Released
Derrell Smith FB HOU Released
Davin Meggett HB HOU Released
Ra’Shon Harris DL HOU Released
Kasey Studdard OL HOU Released
Shawn Loiseau LB HOU Released
Rennie Moore Jr. LB HOU Released
Nick Mondek OL HOU Released
Bryant Johnson WR HOU Released
Juaquin Iglesias WR HOU Released
Jerrell Jackson WR HOU Released
Randy Bullock K HOU Removed from depth chart (injury)
Rashad Butler OL HOU Removed from depth chart (injury)
Ryan Harris OL HOU Signed
Keyaron Fox LB HOU Signed
Tyler Clutts FB HOU Traded to HOU (from CHI)
Matt Overton LS IND Added to game
Dominique Jones TE IND Added to game
Mewelde Moore HB IND Jersey change to #26
Moise Fokou LB IND Jersey change to #58
Kris Adams WR IND Jersey change to #81
Steven Baker OL IND Released
Chris Rucker CB IND Released
Terrence Johnson CB IND Released
Antonio Fenelus CB IND Released
Darren Evans HB IND Released
George Foster OL IND Released
Greg Lloyd LB IND Released
Mike Tepper OL IND Released
David Caldwell S IND Released
Jermale Hines S IND Released
Justin Snow LS IND Released
Quan Cosby WR IND Released
Andre Smith TE IND Released
Jarred Fayson WR IND Released
Jeremy Ross WR IND Released
Korey Lindsey CB IND Removed from depth chart (injury)
Brandon McKinney DL IND Removed from depth chart (injury)
Mike Newton S IND Removed from depth chart (injury)
Tim Fugger LB IND Removed from depth chart (injury)
Mike Person OL IND Signed
Sergio Brown S IND Signed
Kashif Moore WR IND Signed
Alvester Alexander HB IND Signed
Vontae Davis CB IND Traded to IND (from MIA)
Antwon Blake S JAX Added to game
Julian Stanford LB JAX Added to game
Kevin Elliott WR JAX Added to game
Aaron Morgan DL JAX Jersey change to #58
Corvey Irvin DL JAX Released
J.K. Schaffer LB JAX Released
Leigh Torrence CB JAX Released
Ashton Youboty CB JAX Released
Courtney Greene S JAX Released
Rod Issac CB JAX Released
Naufahu Tahi FB JAX Released
Brock Bolen FB JAX Released
DuJuan Harros HB JAX Released
Richard Murphy HB JAX Released
William Robinson OL JAX Released
Jordan Palmer QB JAX Released
Nathan Enderle QB JAX Released
Nate Bussey LB JAX Released
Chastin West WR JAX Released
John Estes OL JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Will Rackley OL JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
John Chick DL JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Jason Spitz OL JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Zach Miller TE JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Clint Session LB JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Reggie Corner CB JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Taylor Price WR JAX Removed from depth chart (injury)
Will Ta’ufo’ou FB JAX Signed
Keith Toston HB JAX Signed
John Parker Wilson QB JAX Signed
Shaun Draughn HB KC Jersey change to #20
Junior Hemingway WR KC Released
Jeremy Horne WR KC Released
Rob Bruggeman OL KC Released
Cam Holland OL KC Released
Darryl Harris OL KC Released
Mikail Baker CB KC Released
Caleb Campbell LB KC Released
Amon Gordon DL KC Released
Brandon Bair DL KC Released
Dexter Heyman LB KC Released
Shane Bannon FB KC Released
Gabe Miller LB KC Released
Leon Williams LB KC Released
Donald Washington S KC Released
Edgar Jones LB KC Signed
Martin Rucker TE KC Signed
Josh Samuda OL MIA Added to game
Marcus Thigpen HB MIA Added to game
Jonathan Wade CB MIA Released
Marcus Brown CB MIA Released
Quentin Lawrence CB MIA Released
Chas Alecxih DL MIA Released
Isaako Aaitui DL MIA Released
Ryan Baker DL MIA Released
Tyrell Johnson DB MIA Released
Steve Slaton HB MIA Released
David Garrard QB MIA Released
Lydon Murtha OL MIA Released
Gary Guyton LB MIA Released
Will Barker OL MIA Released
Tyrone Culver S MIA Released
Roberto Wallace WR MIA Released
Julius Pruitt WR MIA Released
B.J. Cunningham WR MIA Released
Clyde Gates WR MIA Released
Artis Hicks OL MIA Removed from depth chart (injury)
R.J. Stanford CB MIA Signed
DeAndre Presley CB MIA Signed
Sammy Brown LB MIA Signed
Troy Nolan S MIA Signed
Anthony Armstrong WR MIA Signed
McLeod Bethel-Thompson QB MIN Added to game
Quentin Saulsberry OL MIN Released
James Kirkendoll WR MIN Released
Chris DeGeare OL MIN Released
Zack Bowman CB MIN Released
Chris Carr CB MIN Released
Ryan D’Imperio FB MIN Released
Trevor Guyton DL MIN Released
Sage Rosenfels QB MIN Released
Tydreke Powell DL MIN Released
Tyler Nielsen LB MIN Released
Solomon Elimimian LB MIN Released
Reggie Jones CB MIN Released
Nick Reed DL MIN Released
Levi Horn OL MIN Released
Eric Frampton S MIN Released
Patrick Brown OL MIN Released
Bryan Walters WR MIN Released
Kerry Taylor WR MIN Released
Mickey Shuler TE MIN Released
Jerome Simpson WR MIN Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Mark Asper OL MIN Signed
Tori Gurley WR MIN Signed
A.J. Jefferson CB MIN Traded to MIN (from ARZ)
Marcus Forston DL NE Added to game
Justin Francis DL NE Added to game
Jeff Demps HB NE Added to game
Don’t’a Hightower LB NE Jersey change to #54
Mike Rivera LB NE Jersey change to #59
Visanthe Shiancoe TE NE Jersey change to #80
Jake Bequette DL NE Jersey change to #92
Kyle Love DL NE New deal, 2yrs/3MIL
Aaron Hernandez TE NE New deal, 5yrs/40MIL/10MBonus
Dan Koppen OL NE Released
Ross Ventrone CB NE Released
Gerard Warren DL NE Released
Eric Kettani FB NE Released
Marcus Harrison DL NE Released
Tim Bulman DL NE Released
Brian Hoyer QB NE Released
Bobby Carpenter LB NE Released
Niko Koutouvides LB NE Released
Brian Waters OL NE Released
Donte Stallworth WR NE Released
james Ihedigbo S NE Released
Jabar Gaffney WR NE Released
Deion Branch WR NE Released
Jeremy Ebert WR NE Released
Jesse Holley WR NE Released
Myron Pryor DL NE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Will Allen S NE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Kyle Hix OL NE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Josh Barrett S NE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Dane Fletcher LB NE Removed from depth chart (injury)
Malcolm Williams CB NE Signed
Lex Hilliard HB NE Signed
Thomas Austin OL NE Signed
James Develin FB NE Signed
Greg Salas WR NE Traded to NE (from STL)
Remi Ayodele DL NO Released
Kamaal McIlwain CB NO Released
Elbert Mack CB NO Released
Matt Tennant OL NO Released
Lawrence Wilson LB NO Released
Greg Camarillo WR NO Released
Sean Canfield QB NO Released
Kadarron Anderson LB NO Released
Swanson Miller DL NO Released
Johnny Thomas DB NO Released
John Kasay K NO Released
Will Smith DL NO Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Jerome Murphy CB NO Signed
Ricky Henry OL NO Signed
Rafael Bush S NO Signed
David Wilson HB NYG Jersey change to #22
Jayron Hosley CB NYG Jersey change to #28
Chris White OL NYG Released
Antwaun Molden CB NYG Released
Dante Hughes CB NYG Released
Dwayne Hendricks DL NYG Released
Marcus Thomas DL NYG Released
Joe Martinek FB NYG Released
Greg Jones LB NYG Released
Ryan Perrilloux QB NYG Released
Chris Horton S NYG Released
Ryan Purvis TE NYG Released
Isaiah Stanback WR NYG Released
Brandon Mosley OL NYG Removed from depth chart (injury)
Tyler Sash S NYG Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Matt Kroul OL NYJ Released
Ryan Steed CB NYJ Released
Julian Posey CB NYJ Released
D’Anton Lynn S NYJ Released
Terrance Ganaway HB NYJ Released
Josh Brown K NYJ Released
Jay Richardson DL NYJ Released
Brett Roy LB NYJ Released
Matt Simms QB NYJ Released
Robert Griffin OL NYJ Released
Terrance Campbell OL NYJ Released
Josh Baker TE NYJ Released
Dedrick Epps TE NYJ Released
Dexter Jackson WR NYJ Released
Eron Riley WR NYJ Released
Raymond Webber WR NYJ Released
Konrad Reuland TE NYJ Signed
Clyde Gates WR NYJ Signed
Jason Smith OL NYJ Traded to NYJ (from STL)
Wayne Hunter OL NYJ Traded to STL (from NYJ)
Ron Parker CB OAK Released
DeMarcus Van Dyke CB OAK Released
Bryan McCann CB OAK Released
Terrail Lambert CB OAK Released
Dominique Hamilton DL OAK Released
Jamie Cumbie DL OAK Released
Kyle Efaw TE OAK Released
Derek Carrier WR OAK Released
Tory Humphrey TE OAK Released
Eddie McGee WR OAK Released
Thomas Mayo WR OAK Released
Manase Tonga FB OAK Released
Curtis Taylor S OAK Released
Hall Davis DL OAK Released
Kevin Haslam OL OAK Released
Nick Howell OL OAK Released
Mason Brodine DL OAK Released
Ed Wang OL OAK Released
Lonyae Miller HB OAK Released
Aaron Curry LB OAK Removed from depth chart (injury)
Brandon Underwood CB OAK Removed from depth chart (injury)
Zach Hurd OL OAK Removed from depth chart (injury)
Joselio Hanson CB OAK Signed
Phillip Adams CB OAK Signed
Coye Francies CB OAK Signed
Vaughn Meatoga DL OAK Signed
Keenan Clayton LB OAK Signed
Willie Smith OL OAK Signed
Steve Vallos OL PHI Released
Kevin Thomas CB PHI Released
Trevard Lindley CB PHI Released
Cliff Harris CB PHI Released
Antonio Dixon DL PHI Released
Joselio Hanson CB PHI Released
Tom Nelson S PHI Released
Julian Vandervelde OL PHI Released
Ollie Ogbu DL PHI Released
Mat McBriar P PHI Released
Mike Kafka QB PHI Released
Brandon Washington OL PHI Released
Mike Gibson OL PHI Released
Keenan Clayton LB PHI Released
Thomas Welch OL PHI Released
Oshiomogho Atogwe S PHI Released
Brett Brackett TE PHI Released
Mardy Gilyard WR PHI Released
Chad Hall WR PHI Released
Jamel Hamler WR PHI Released
Chase Beeler OL PHI Signed
Emil Igwenagu TE PHI Signed
B.J. Cunningham WR PHI Signed
Matt Reynolds OL PHI Signed
David Sims S PHI Traded to PHI (from CLE)
Robert Golden S PIT Added to game
Drew Butler P PIT Added to game
Chris Scott OL PIT Released
Terrence Frederick CB PIT Released
Mortty Ivy LB PIT Released
Kade Weston DL PIT Released
Trai Essex OL PIT Released
Jerrod Johnson QB PIT Released
Walter McFadden CB PIT Released
Corbin Bryant DL PIT Released
Kyle Jolly OL PIT Released
Myron Rolle S PIT Released
Justin Peelle TE PIT Released
Derrick Williams WR PIT Released
Jimmy Young WR PIT Released
Marquis Maze WR PIT Released
Sean Spence LB PIT Removed from depth chart (injury)
Jeremy Kapinos P PIT Removed from depth chart (injury)
Weslye Saunders TE PIT Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Corey Lynch S SD Jersey change to #41
Colin Baxter OL SD Released
Jacob Hester FB SD Released
Nick Novak K SD Released
Jarrett Lee QB SD Released
Bront Bird LB SD Released
DeAndre Pressley CB SD Released
Darryl Gamble LB SD Released
Roscoe Parrish WR SD Released
Phillip Payne WR SD Released
Stephen Schilling OL SD Released
Jacques Cesaire DL SD Released
Brad Taylor TE SD Released
Kory Sperry TE SD Released
Mario Henderson OL SD Released
Sean Cattouse S SD Removed from depth chart (injury)
Chris Owusu WR SD Signed
Jermaine Kearse WR SEA Added to game
Jeremy Lane CB SEA Jersey changed to #37
Mike Morgan CB SEA Jersey changed to #57
Phillip Adams CB SEA Released
Dexter Davis DL SEA Released
Deuce Lutui OL SEA Released
Jameson Konz LB SEA Released
Lazarius Levingston DL SEA Released
Tyrell Sutton HB SEA Released
Alex Barron OL SEA Released
Paul Fanaika OL SEA Released
Roy Lewis DB SEA Released
Kellen Winslow TE SEA Released
Deon Butler WR SEA Released
Terrell Owens WR SEA Released
Cameron Morrah TE SEA Removed from depth chart (injury)
Allen Barbre OL SEA Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Charly Martin WR SEA Signed
Allen Bradford LB SEA Signed
Garrett Celek TE SF Added to game
Darcel McBath S SF Jersey change to #28
Demarcus Dobbs TE SF Jersey change to #83
Chris Owusu WR SF Released
Mike Person OL SF Released
Chase Beeler OL SF Released
Cory Nelms S SF Released
Rock Cartwright HB SF Released
Joe Holland LB SF Released
Eric Bakhtiari LB SF Released
Ikaika Alama-Francis LB SF Released
Josh Johnson QB SF Released
Kourtnei Brown LB SF Released
Derek Hall OL SF Released
Colin Jones S SF Released
Konrad Reuland TE SF Released
Brett Swain WR SF Released
Joe Hastings WR SF Released
Parys Haralson LB SF Removed from depth chart (injury)
Clark Haggans LB SF Signed
Rodney McLeod S STL Added to game
Matthew Conrath DL STL Added to game
Quinton Pointer CB STL Added to game
Rocky McIntosh LB STL Jersey change to #50
Aaron Brown LB STL Jersey change to #54
Sammy Brown LB STL Released
Jamaar Jarrett DL STL Released
Ryan McKee OL STL Released
Brian Mattison OL STL Released
Quinn Ojinnaka OL STL Released
Garrett Lindholm K STL Released
Ovie Mughelli FB STL Released
Cornell Banks DL STL Released
Jerome Murphy CB STL Released
Kendric Burney CB STL Released
Noah Keller LB STL Released
Alex Hoffman-Ellis LB STL Released
Kellen Clemens QB STL Released
Tom Brandstater QB STL Released
Kevin Hughes OL STL Released
Jose Valdez OL STL Released
Michael Hoomanawanui TE STL Released
Brody Eldridge TE STL Released
Deangelo Peterson TE STL Released
Ben Guidugli TE STL Released
Danario Alexander WR STL Released
Mike Campbell WR STL Released
Trevor Laws DL STL Removed from depth chart (injury)
Shelley Smith OL STL Signed
Terrance Ganaway HB STL Signed
Brandon Washington OL STL Signed
Mason Brodine DL STL Signed
Brandon McDonald CB TB Released
Frank Okam DL TB Released
Cody Johnson FB TB Released
Mossis Madu HB TB Released
Kai Forbath K TB Released
Mike Ingersoll OL TB Released
E.J. Wilson DL TB Released
Brian Smith LB TB Released
Tramain Thomas S TB Released
Zach Pianalto TE TB Released
Collin Franklin TE TB Released
Larry Asante S TB Released
Rennie Curran LB TB Released
Moe Petrus OL TB Released
Brett Ratliff QB TB Released
Jordan Shipley WR TB Released
Ed Gant WR TB Released
Greg Ellingson WR TB Released
Tiquan Underwood WR TB Released
Jordan Shipley WR TB Released
Davin Joseph OL TB Removed from depth chart (injury)
Cody Wallace OL TB Signed
Corvey Irvin DL TB Signed
D.J. Ware HB TB Signed
Dale Moss WR TB Signed
Markus White LB TB Signed
J.K. Schaffer LB TB Signed
Adam Weber QB TB Signed
Quinn Johnson FB TEN Jersey changed to #45
Jason McCourty CB TEN New deal, 6yrs/42MIL/6MIL bonus
Terrance Wheatley CB TEN Released
Chris Hawkins CB TEN Released
George Bias OL TEN Released
Cameron Graham TE TEN Released
Aaron Francisco OL TEN Released
Kyle DeVan OL TEN Released
Malcolm Sheppard DL TEN Released
Lamar Divens DL TEN Released
Herb Donaldson HB TEN Released
Marc Mariani WR TEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Leger Douzable DL TEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Kevin Malast LB TEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Ryan Durrand OL TEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Dave Ball DL TEN Removed from depth chart (injury)
Chris DeGeare OL TEN Signed
Darren Evans HB TEN Signed
Videal Hazelton WR TEN Signed
DaJohn Harris DL TEN Signed
Evan Royster HB WAS Jersey change to #22
Markus White LB WAS Released
Anthony Armstrong WR WAS Released
Willie Smith OL WAS Released
Graham Gano K WAS Released
Neil Rackers K WAS Released
Terrence Austin WR WAS Released
Richard Quinn TE WAS Released
Darrion Scott DL WAS Released
Jonathan Crompton QB WAS Released
Bryan Kehl LB WAS Released
Lennon Creer HB WAS Released
Tim Hightower HB WAS Released
Erik Cook OL WAS Released
Tanard Jackson S WAS Released
Brandyn Thompson CB WAS Released
Travon Bellamy CB WAS Released
Chris Cooley FB WAS Released
Morgan Trent CB WAS Released
Jammal Brown OL WAS Removed from depth chart (injury)
Emmanuel Arceneaux WR WAS Signed
Darryl Gamble LB WAS Signed
Doug Worthington DL WAS Signed
Jason Shirley DL WAS Signed
Billy Cundiff K WAS Signed
Crezdon Butler CB WAS Signed

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